Sudirman Cup 2017 Results: Points Table and Teams Standings

The 15th edition of the TOTAL Sudirman Cup or Sudirman Cup 2017 is scheduled to be held from 21 to 28 May at Carrara Sport and Leisure Centre in Gold Coast, Australia. This badminton championship takes place every two years and for the first time, it is held outside Asia and Europe. China is the2015 Sudirman Cup in Dongguan on Sunday as they beat Japan in the final. Here you will get Sudirman Cup 2017 results and latest points table.

Defending champions China beat Hong Kong on the very first day of the 2017 Sudirman Cup by 4-1 while Japan and Vietnam also register their wins. You can watch Sudirman Cup 2017 results on the tournament’s The updated Sudirman Cup 2017 points table and teams standings are available below.

Sudirman Cup 2017 Results

Sudirman Cup 2017 Results: Points Table & Standings

# Group A GP W L S Pts
1. China 1 1 0 4:1 1
2. Thailand 1 1 0 3:2 1
3. Hong Kong 2 0 2 3:7 0
# Group B GP W L S Pts
1. South Korea 1 1 0 4:1 1
2. Chinese T. 1 1 0 4:1 1
3. Russia 2 0 2 2:8 0
# Group C GP W L S Pts
1. Malaysia 1 1 0 5:0 1
2. Japan 1 1 0 4:1 1
3. Germany 2 0 2 1:9 0
# Group D GP W L S Pts
1. Denmark 1 1 0 4:1 1
2. India 2 1 1 5:5 1
3. Indonesia 1 0 1 1:4 0

China is the defending champion of the tournament who defeated Japan in the final of 2015 Sudirman Cup in Dongguan. They will look to win their seventh consecutive title. The 12 best-mixed badminton teams are competing in Group A for the Sudirman Cup trophy. Here are the updated Sudirman Cup 2017 results after each day. Also See: Sudirman Cup schedule and broadcasters.

China is the strongest team in the tournament and have dominated the Sudirman Cup since its inception in 1989. China has total ten titles followed by Korea who won two titles. The Cup is always won by an Asian country.

China won the 2015 Sudirman Cup against Japan who was playing their first ever final. started well. They put the good fight in the opening match in the men’s doubles but failed to win it. Chinese took 1-0 lead and in the women’s singles, it was an easy affair for China.Fans are hoping that this year they will get to see much more competitive matches.

Hiroyuki Endo and Kenichi Hayakawa pushed Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan all the way, but the Chinese pair eventually prevailed 21-17, 20-22, 21-17 to give the hosts a 1-0 lead.

China will play their first game against Hongkong and then they will face Thailand. Korea is seeded in Group 1B along with Chinese Taipei and Russia while India is in Group 1 D with Indonesia and Denmark. Visit here after each day to get results and updated points table of Sudirman Cup 2017.

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