Vijender Singh vs Kerry Hope Fight Date, Time Details

India’s Olympic medalist turned pro boxer Vijender Singh will fight against Australia’s Kerry Hope for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title in New Delhi on 16 July 2016.

Vijender Singh has fought six bouts so far and won all the fights by knockout. Singh was looking excited about his first home fight in India.

Singh said, “Pro boxing is very different from amateur,” Singh says, “and I had to learn a lot very quickly, change many things. I had to change my stance. In amateur, you also move a lot more, jump around the ring because you are only fighting three rounds. In pro, you have to fight six, eight,10, 12 rounds, so you will never last if you jumped around. But technically, doing so many years of amateur has helped me a lot.”


The Australian boxer, Kerry Hope won his first 11 fights and comes into this bout with three straight wins as well.

Kerry Hope said, “He is a superstar in India but to me he is just a boxer. He has been pro for a year, I have been pro for 12 years. I bring a lot of experience. I know the crowd will be behind him but I like being the underdog. The pressure is on him. He has to train harder.” -PTI

Vijender Singh vs Kerry Hope Fight Details

DATE Saturday, 16 July 2016
VENUE Delhi, India
Fight Vijender Singh vs Kerry Hope (WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight)