5 Quotes About Virat Kohli that Proves What a Cricketer He Is!

This man doesn’t need any introduction because his name is enough to introduce him. He is a fighter on the cricket field and fire brigade of the Indian team. He loves to bat in a difficult situation where other batsman feels scared. He is one of the finest batsmen India ever produced and currently no.1 batsman in the world. He is the superman of Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli.

Kohli is talented, tough, and icon of  India’s current generation cricket. He can smash any kind of bowler on kind of wicket in any situation. Every target of opponents become small when he stepped into the ground therefore, Virat is also known as ‘Chase Master’. He has runs in all the formats of the cricket whether it is Test, ODI or T20I. He scored over 3000 runs in Test and over 7000 runs in ODI cricket, he has many records against him.

The Captain of Indian Test team, Virat Kohli turned 28 today, so to celebrate his birthday, let’s see the 5 wonderful quotes about Virat Kohli by cricket legends hat show how amazing cricketer he is.

West Indies legend cricketer quote on Kohli

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Yuvraj Singh knows how important player Virat is for team

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Michael Vaughan quote on Virat


Kapil Dev doesn’t lie

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Even Australians are a fan of Kohli’s batting.

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