Explosions Hit Borussia Dortmund’s Bus in Germany, injuring player

The champions league match between Dortmund and Monaco was postponed due to the explosion which hit the Dortmund bus just before the game. Dortmund side said that the explosion occurred at the departure of the bus from the hotel which was around an hour before the scheduled kick-off time at Signal Iduna Park. Police confirmed that the one player was injured in this incident.

Explosions Hit Borussia Dortmund’s Bus in Germany


Dortmund used the twitter to inform the fans about the explosion. The club posted on Twitter,”Bomb explosion by the team bus at the team hotel. Players are safe. No danger at the stadium. More information to follow”. They also said that there is no danger within the stadium and told the fans to support their side during the match.

The police also released the statement related to the explosion in which they said that “According to current knowledge, the windows of the bus (whole or partial) were broken and one person was injured.It is not yet possible to say exactly what the explosion was or exactly where something exploded. The explosive devices were placed outside the bus. Several windows were broken. according to what is currently known, the windows of the bus were smashed and one person was injured”.

The club later announced that one of the defenders, Marc Bartra had been taken to hospital with injuries following the explosion.

This is a huge incident especially in the game of football.  The team manager said that the whole team is shocked with this incident and players are not mentally ready to take the field. The match has been rescheduled for Wednesday. These are the incidents that should not happen in the game of football.

We wish Marc Bartra for his quick recovery. We also wish all the players of Dortmund in this difficult time as these incidents should not take place. We expect that player are fine and would love to watch them in action soon.