ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Prize Money

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Prize Money has increased by $500,000 from the 2013 edition. The total prize money is now USD 4.5 million including winner’s share of US $2.2 million. The 2017 Champions Trophy is scheduled to be played in England and Wales from 1-18 June. The 8th edition of the tournament will have 8 top teams competing into two groups to grab the trophy. It is the second most prestigious ODI cricket tournament after World Cup.

The teams are not only playing for the championship title and trophy but also for prize money which gets to the winner, runner ups, third and fourth placed teams by the ICC. Let’s see the prize money of previous and upcoming ICC Champions Trophy.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Prize Money

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Prize Money

Winner $2.2 million
Runnerup $1.1 million
Two Semi-Finalists $450,000 each
Third Finished Teams $90,000 each
Bottom Finished Teams $60,000 each

The ICC (International Cricket Council) has hiked the prize money for Champions Trophy 2017 from the last edition by $ 500,000 making it $4.5 million.

The winner of 2017 Champions trophy is expected to pocket $2,200,000 while runner-up to get $1,100,000. The losing semifinalists (third and fourth placed teams) will get 450,000 each while teams finishing third in each group will take home USD 90,000 each. The bottom two teams in each group will get guaranteed USD 60,000 each as participation bonus regardless of the results.

This prize money actually not get to the players but their respective board while players get bonus match fee for achieving required targets in any major ICC event.

2013 Champions Trophy Prize Money

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 was played in England and tournament was won by India. Indian team won the trophy defeating England in the final. The winner team who was India got $2,000,000 as prize money while England as runner-up got $1,000,000. The two losing semi-finalist teams also got prize money of $400,000 each.

The recently held ICC World Twenty20 2016 prize money was increased by 33% from last season and we expect same for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. So according to us, there will be a hike at around 30% in the prize money of ICC Champions Trophy 2017.