ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Schedule

ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Schedule from 8 March 2016 to 3 April 2016.
ICC has declared the Twenty20 world cup 2016 schedule and fixtures. The T20 tournament will start with qualifier round from 8th March 2016 and super 10 round will start from 15th March 2016 and final will be played on 3rd April 2016 in Eden Gardens Kolkata. Indian will host the ICC T20 world cup 2016.

ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Schedule

Qualifier Round: One winner from each group will qualify for super 10 round

Group A Group B
Bangladesh Zimbabwe
Ireland Scotland
Holland Afghanistan
Oman Hong Kong

Super 10 Round: This round winners and runners-up will qualify for semi-finals of ICC T20 World Cup 2016.

Top 8 test playing nations will directly qualify for the Super 10 round, and two other teams will join them after the group round is over. The group round will have 6 ICC associate teams and 2 lowest ranked test nations divided in two groups.

Super 10 Group 1 Super 10 Group 2
South Africa India
Sri Lanka Pakistan
West Indies Australia
England New Zealand
Qualified B Qualified A

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ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Schedule

1 Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong 8 March Nagpur
2 Scotland vs Afghanistan 8 March Nagpur
3 Bangladesh vs Holland 9 March Dharamsala
4 Ireland vs Oman 9 March Dharamsala
5 Scotland vs Zimbabwe 10 March Nagpur
6 Hong Kong vs Afghanistan 10 March Nagpur
7 Holland vs Oman 11 March Dharamsala
8 Bangladesh vs Ireland 11 March Dharamsala
9 Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan 12 March Nagpur
10 Scotland vs Hong Kong 12 March Nagpur
11  Ireland vs Holland 13 March Dharamsala
12 Bangladesh vs Oman 13 March Dharamsala
Super 10 Round Starts 
1 India vs New Zealand 15 March Nagpur
2 England vs West Indies  16 March Mumbai
3 Pakistan vs Q1A 16 March Kolkata
4 Sri Lanka vs Q1B 17 March Kolkata
5 Australia vs New Zealand 18 March Dharamsala
6 England vs South Africa 18 March Mumbai
7 Pakistan vs India 19 March Dharamsala
8 South Africa vs Q1B 20 March Mumbai
9 Sri Lanka vs West Indies 20 March Bengaluru
10 Australia vs Q1A 21 March Bengaluru
11 Pakistan vs New Zealand 22 March Mohali
12 England vs Q1B 23 March New Delhi
13 India vs Q1A 23 March Bengaluru
14 Pakistan vs Australia 25 March Mohali
15 South Africa vs West Indies 25 March Nagpur
16 New Zealand vs Q1A 26 March Kolkata
17 England vs Sri Lanka 26 March New Delhi
18 Australia vs India 27 March Mohali
19 West Indies vs Q1B 27 March Nagpur
20 South Africa vs Sri Lanka 28 March New Delhi
Knockout Stages Starts
21 First Semifinal Match  30 March New Delhi
22 Second Semifinal Match 31 March Mumbai
23 The Twenty20 Final 03 April 2016 Eden Gardens, Kolkata