India vs Australia: Virat Kohli Says He Will Play Only if 100% Fit

The speculation has been growing a lot about Virat Kohli being fit for the final test match against Aussies. There has been the rumor that Virat Kohli not fully fit. The addition of Shreyas Iyer in the team also adds to this speculation.

Kohli suffered a shoulder injury on the first day of the test match in Rachi while fielding near the boundary. Kohli was uncomfortable in the whole match and could be the main reason for his failure in the previous test match. He was immediately taken to the hospital for MRI scan. The MRI report showed no sign of the serious injury to Kohli but he was seen struggling with his shoulder in the entire match.

Now, Kohli has finally spoken about this situation in the press conference ahead of the final test match in Dharamshala. Kohli said, “I am no different from anyone. No special treatment for me and the same rule applies for anyone. Me being 100 per cent fit is the only condition that I will play tomorrow.”

He also added that the medical team has been doing their work and he is recovering very fast. He told that fans might want him to play in the final test match against Aussies but there are some things that are not in one’s own hand. He also added to the fact that he will have to sit and decide that whether he will be able to play the match or not.

We all know what a tough guy Virat Kohli is. He is one player that will never take no for an answer. He has shown us many times that he is a tough guy to break down. The kind of passion and aggression that ha has for the game, he will not give up so easily. Kohli has also told that every match means a lot to him and he wants to do well for his country in every game.

If Virat Kohli is to miss the final game against Aussies then it would be a huge blow for the Indian team. The team would not only miss the great batsman but also an influential leader in the next match. The kind of energy and passion that he has for the game keeps the team motivated to do well.

Now we have to wait till the toss to see we would Virat playing in the final test match or not. But one thing is for sure that whatever he will decide, will be best for the team as he always puts the team ahead of himself.