India’s All Time Best ODI Cricket XI

Indian team has been a most dominated team in the world of cricket. In the cricket world, most legends are from India team only. However, Indian team always had one or two legendary players in each decade. Whereas India team won the two world cup and one T20 world title last not but the list Indian team won two ICC champions trophy.

Since Indian team playing started playing cricket there are several players who gave their best for the team. However, There are few players who had legendary careers in the ODI cricket of India. Whereas, there are some legendary players who just created new records, and achieve greatest milestones in the ODI history. Let’s take a look at the India’s all time best ODI XI.

India's All Time Best & Greatest ODI Cricket XI

India’s All Time ODI Cricket XI Squad

Opener – Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly

Middle-order – Rahul Dravid, Virat Kohli, Mohammad Azharuddin

Wicket-Keeper – MS Dhoni

All-rounder – Yuvraj Sing, Kapil Dev

Spinners – Anil Kumble

Fast Bowlers – Javagal Srinath, ZaheerKhan

India’s All Time ODI Cricket XI

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

There is no doubt he is the most successful cricketer from India till now who loved by all the cricket fans. However, he represented Indian team for 24 long years during this period he broke and created various records. Sachin is the most loved cricketer in the world and all the fans worshiped him as “God Of Cricket”. Sachin was the successful opening batsman for India.


Matches – 463

Runs – 18426

50/100 – 96/49

Strike Rate – 86.23

Batting Average – 44.83

2. Saurav Ganguly


Saurav Ganguly aka “Dada” is the most flamboyant captain of the India. He is the second most successful captain after MS Dhoni. The left-handed all-rounder was the key bowler and most depended batsman of his time. Under his captaincy, India won some historic matches and series. Whereas, as opener Ganguly, he was an explosive batsman.


Matches – 311

Runs – 11363

50/100 – 72/22

Strike Rate – 73.70

Batting Average – 41.02

Wickets – 100

Bowling Average – 38.49

Bowling Eco – 5.06

3. Rahul Dravid

“The Wall” this name is enough to terrify any bowler. He is another most successful batsman for India and as captain, he had gone through so many high points. However, he was wicketkeeper-batsman for India. It was really hard to break down his defence all the bowlers use to be scared to bowl him.

Rahul Dravid


Matches – 334

Runs – 10889

50/100 – 83/12

Strike Rate – 71.24

Batting Average – 39.16

4. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli

The current Indian teams cricket sensation Virat Kohli who is all set to become next legend. However, as if now in his short career, he already achieves so many milestones. He is the most valuable player India currently have.


Matches – 171

Runs – 7212

50/100 – 36/25

Strike Rate – 89.97

Batting Average – 51.51

5. Mohammad Azharuddin


Mohammad Azharuddin was a former Indian cricket team captain and currently he is a politician. He was top middle order batsman. However, as a batsman, he was a fluid and graceful batsman. Azharuddin was one of the successful captains of the Indian cricket team.


Matches – 334

Runs – 9378

50/100 – 58/7

Strike Rate – 74.02

Batting Average – 36.92

6. Yuvraj Singh


The 2011 world cup man of the series winner Yuvraj Singh is real gem for the Indian team. This left-handed batsman gave India his second world cup after 28 years. He played a major role in the India’s successful 2011 world cup win.


Matches – 293

Runs – 8329

50/100 –  51/13

Strike  Rate – 87.24

Batting Average – 37.36

Wickets – 111

Bowling Average – 38.18

Bowling Eco – 5.09

7. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni

India’s most successful captain and wicket-keeper batsman MS Dhoni. However, he has been most successful and risk taking captain for India. Whereas, as a batsman, he is the most decorated finisher by India in the cricket world. Dhoni is not only an explosive batsman but also he is the most intelligent wicketkeeper too.


Matches – 278

Runs – 8918

50/100 – 60/9

Strike Rate – 89.27

Batting Average – 51.25

8. Kapil Dev

kapil dev

Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj also known as Kapil Dev. Whereas, he is a former Indian most successful all-rounder cricketer. He captained the Indian cricket team  to captured win at 1983 Cricket World Cup. He was not only aggresive bowler but also an explosive batsman too.


Matches – 225

Runs – 3783

50/100 – 14/1

Strike Rate – 95.07

Batting Average – 23.79

Wickets – 253

Bowling Average – 27.45

Bowling Eco – 3.45

9. Anil Kumble


Anil Kumble aka “Jambo” is the India’s most successful spin bowler who has taken a number of wickets other than any Indian bowler. He is the third highest wicket-taker after Muttiah Muralitharan and Shane Warne. He also holds the most wickets in an innings by this man.


Matches – 271

Wickets – 337

Bowling Average – 30.89

Bowling Eco – 4.30

10. Javagal Srinath


Whereas, Javagal Srinath is former Indian fast bowler and current ICC Match Referee. He was among India’s most decorated fast bowler. Whereas, he remains the only Indian fast bowler who has taken more than 300 wickets in ODI cricket.


Matches – 229

Wickets – 315

Bowling Average – 28.08

Bowling Eco – 4.44

11. Zaheer Khan

zaheer khan

Zaheer Khan also renown as “Zack” he was one of the most dangerous Indian bowlers. Because of his fierce bowling and swing all the batsman use to scare to face him. However, 2011 world cup he was the most successful bowler. Although He is real bowling legend from India.


Matches – 200

Wickets – 282

Bowling Average – 29.43

Bowling Eco – 4.93