IPL vs PSL vs BBL – Which is better T20 Cricket League?

The world’s most popular T20 cricket league, IPL introduced in 2008 by the BCCI which became instant success and fans help this cash-rich league to become most watched cricket event. Indian Premier League has all elements that require for entertainment like big cricketers, glamour and millions of dollars. After the success of IPL, few other cricket boards also started their own version of T20 franchise leagues like Big Bash League (BBL) and Pakistan Super League (PSL). Today we will compare, IPL vs PSL vs BBL to find which is better T20 cricket league.

As you know IPL is run by BCCI like that, BBL and PSL is run by Cricket Australia and Pakistan cricket board respectively. All these three leagues are common in terms of format but still have some differences. IPL has entered in its tenth edition while BBL is just six seasons old and PSL is started last year, still, these two leagues are giving tough competition to IPL.


Indian Premier League has set the standards for the leagues including lucrative tv rights deal, most popular T20 league, most watched league and also one of the highest attended league in the world. While Big Bash League (BBL) is the second after IPL but it has changed the cricket viewing experience of fans. So, we decided to compare the IPL, PSL and BBL to see which league is the best cricket league in the world.

Popularity: (IPL)

Indian premier League is a clear winner here because it is the most watched T20 cricket league. World’s richest cricket board knows how to market compared to other boards. IPL has better structured, highest average attended and huge media coverage. IPL is broadcasted by around 25+ sports network in most of the countries around the world while PSL is broadcast in 8 cricket countries.

BBL is the 2nd most popular tournament and hence, it is broadcast in 10 countries. The popularity of Big Bash is increasing every season while there was fall in tv ratings of IPL last season.

Average Attendance (IPL)

The IPL is the most-attended cricket league and ranks sixth among all sports leagues in the world. The Melbourne derby between the Stars and Renegades in the BBL 2015 witness 80,883 fans in the stadium. Big Bash now becomes the 9 most attended sports league in the world while PSL average attendance per match is low as it is held in the UAE.

Money: (IPL)

PSL first season total prize money was 1 Million USD which is too low compared to what IPL offers a total prize money of US$5.9 million. 5.9 Million USD. BBL offer a total of $890,000 as prize money. Comparing all 3 leagues total prize money, Indian premier League is way ahead of other leagues.

Commentators: (BBL)

IPL features a long list of commentators from serious to funny like Manjrekar, Shastri, Siddhu and Danny Morrison but BBL commentators are way more entertaining. BBL features Ricky Ponting, Mark Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, Damien Fleming along with guest commentators like legendary West Indian Sir Vivian Richards,  Mr.CricketHussey, Kevin Pietersen, Brandon McCalam and more.

Quality Players: (IPL)

When quality players are concerned Indian Premier League wins this round as almost all big and legendary players have played in the IPL including Sachin Tendulkar, Pointing, Adam Gilchrist, Muttiah Muralitharan, Shane Warne, Anil Kumble, Graeme Smith, Glenn McGrath and more.

Quality of Cricket: (BBL)

Big Bash T20 cricket league the biggest in the world

All other factors become secondary when it comes to quality of cricket. Definitely, IPL features more runs, wickets, boundaries and sixes per match which enjoyed more by the crowds but most of the big sixes and huge totals are due to flat Indian pitches and smaller grounds compared to those in Australia.

The IPL bowlers give extras at an average of 10 runs /match while Big Bash bowlers give extras at an average of 5.28 runs/match. PSL has completed its first season but they provide extras at an average of 15 runs /match. From this figure, it is clear that Big Bash bowlers are much more disciplined as compared to IPL & PSL which means BBL show higher standards of bowling. Overall, BBL provides good quality cricket and lesser entertainment.

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