Highlights: Juventus beats Barcelona 3-0 in UEFA Champions League

Serie A side Juventus have taken revenge from Spanish La Liga powerhouse Barcelona as they beat them 3-0 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals at Juventus Stadium in Turin, Italy Tuesday. Juventus suffered a loss at the hands of Barcelona in 2014-15 edition of the Champion league but they have certainly levelled the score against the mighty team from Spain.

This loss is a huge setback for Barcelona who has the best players in the world in their rank. The most important thing that would hurt Barcelona is the fact that they were unable to score a single goal in the match despite having the best attack force in the world.

Juventus certainly started the game as the underdogs as no one gave them much chance in this clash. There were many fans that were saying that Barcelona would beat Juventus very easily especially after their last match performance in the champions league against PSG.

But, Juventus surprised everyone by winning the match. Juventus gave no opportunity for the opponents to score a goal in the match. Juventus should thank  Paulo Dybala as he scored two fantastic goals in the match to give a huge upper hand to Juventus.

Dybala has been seen as the next successor to Messi in the Argentina national side. There are many times that he played brilliantly with his left foot that made him quite similar to Messi. But he would be proud of his performance in today’s game as he managed to outperform one of the best players in the world.

Jeremy Mathieu passed a fantastic ball to Dybala in the 8th minute of the match. Dybala did not make any mistake as he smashed the ball into the net to get the home team up and running on the scoreboard. This made the fans go crazy which pumped the player and made them motivated to go for more goals and they did the same.

Barcelona did not learn from their previous mistake and granted Dybala more room in the penalty box and he made them pay for this in the 22nd minute of the match. He finished the goal very calmly. This shocked Barcelona as they were not expecting two goals in such quick succession. They goal fest did not end here only as Juventus were I the mood for more goals.

Chiellini muscled his way on to the cross to head the ball in off the far post. This made the scoreline 3-0 for Juventus. This goal ensured that they will win this match and would take a huge advantage in the return leg.

This win will give a huge advantage fo Juventus and they are surely the side that is most likely to go in the semifinal but the coach will not allow his players to slow down their game as we all know what Barcelona did with PSG.

Barcelona will be very frustrated with this match performance as their defence was horrible in the match and their attackers failed to score any goal. Now, they need to make the comeback in the next match and win by a big margin similar to what they did against PSG.