Karnataka Premier League (KPL T20) 2016 Player Auction Results

The player auction for the 5th edition of the Karnataka Premier League, KPL T20 2016 took place today at the Karnataka State Cricket Association. Famous sports presenter Charu  Sharma start the auction for all eight franchises of KPL, Belagavi Panthers, Bellary Tuskers, Bijapur Bulls, Hubli Tigers, Mangalore United, Mysuru Warriors, Namma Shivamogga and Rock Stars. The results of Karnataka Premier League 2016 player auction listed below.

KPL T20 2016 Player Auction Results

Karbonn Karnataka Premier League powered by Cycle Pure Agarbathies

Karbonn Karnataka Premier League powered by Cycle Pure Agarbathies is held at the Karnataka State Cricket Association.

Hubli Tigers sign Mohammed Niyaz Nisar  for Rs.45,000

# Hoysala K to Namma Shivamogga for Rs.10,000

# Mysuru Warriors sign Koushik V for Rs.10,000

# Rockstars sign Aiyappa N C for Rs.15,000

# Mysuru Warriors sign Nikith S Sanganakal for Rs. 10,000

# Belagavi Panthers sign Pradeep T for Rs. 90,000

# Bellary Tuskers sign Prateek Jain for Rs. 3.5 lakhs

# Anurag Bajpai sold to Belagavi Panthers for Rs. 55,000

# Chiranjivi GS sold to Bellary Tuskers for Rs. 10,000

# Rockstars sign Sharath B R for Rs. 55,000

# Belagavi Panthers sign Mir Kaunain Abbas for Rs.2.55 lakhs

# Mysuru Warriors sign Nihal Ullal for Rs.10,000

# Pradeep Gangadhar sold for Rs. 10,000 to Namma Shivamogga

# Hubli Tigers sign Manjesh Reddy for Rs. 2.55 lakhs

# Sharath Srinivas sold for Rs. 60,000 to Namma Shivamogga

# Mangalore United sign Nischith Raj for Rs. 35,000

# Nikin Jose sold for Rs. 45,000 to Namma Shivamogga.

# Bijapur Bulls sold to K C Avinash for Rs. 10,000

# Mangalore United have signed Nidesh M for Rs. 2.05 lakh

# Liyan Khan sold to Mysuru Warriors for Rs. 1.6 lakhs

# Mangalore United sign Rohith Gowda for Rs. 55,000

# Bellary Tuskers sign Rohan Kadam for Rs.2.3 lakhs

# Mysuru Warriors sign Prateeksh R for Rs. 10,000

# Namma Shivamogga sign Nischal D for Rs.55,000

# Bijapur Bulls sign Kiran A M for Rs. 40,000

# Hubli Tigers sign Bharath K N for Rs.1.8 lakhs

#  Abdul Majid signed by Belagavi Panthers for Rs.40,000

# Mangalore United signs Vishwanathan M for Rs. 20,000

#  Chetan Williams sold to Hubli Tigers for Rs. 1.8 lakhs

# Namma Shivamogga sign Zeeshan Ali Sayeed for Rs.1.2 lakhs

# Bellary Tuskers sign S P Manjunath for Rs.2.2 lakhs

# Bijapur Bulls sign Arshdeep Singh Brar for Rs. 2.65 lakhs

# Bellary Tuskers snap up S P Manjunath for Rs. 2.2 lakhs

# Another big buy for Hubli Tigers as Dikshanshu Negi is signed for Rs. 1.1 lakhs

# Hubli Tigers sign Aditya Somanna for Rs. 1.25 lakhs

# Vyshak V sold to Mysuru Warriors for Rs. 3.20 lakhs

# Mysuru Warriors sign Rajoo Bhatkal for Rs. 20,000

#  Naveen MG sold to Bijapur Bulls for Rs. 2.3 lakhs

# Suneel Raju sold to Bellary Tuskers for Rs. 3.35 lakhs

# Hubli Tigers have finally got their man. Stalin Hoover for Rs. 1.85 lakhs

# Aditya B Sagar sold to Mysuru Warriors for  Rs. 10,000

# Shoaib Manager signed by Belagavi Panthers for Rs.80,000

# Belagavi Panthers sign Satish Bhardwaj for Rs. 40,000

# Mysuru Warriors snap up Anand Doddamani for Rs. 10,000

# Anil I G sold to Bellary Tuskers for Rs. 30,000

Kishore Kamath has been signed by Mangalore United for Rs. 55,000

# Sinan Abdul Khader sold to Bijapur Bulls for Rs. 50,000

Likith Bannur has been signed by Belagavi Panthers for Rs. 55,000

Vinoo Prasad has been signed by Hubli Tigers for Rs. 65,000

# Naveen B has been snapped up by Rockstars for Rs. 25,000

Bharat Kondaji signed by Bellary Tuskers for Rs. 10,000

Appanna KP signed by Namma Shivamogga for Rs. 2.15 lakhs

# First category up for auction is spinners.

# Kunal Kapoor has been picked by Hubli Tigers for Rs. 50,000

# Stuart Binny has attracted plenty of interest. Eventually, he is sold to Namma Shivamogga for Rs. 70,000

# KL Rahul has gone unsold once again. Indian commitments has meant no one has gone for him.

# And the bids will begin at Rs. 25,000 and not at Rs. 50,000

Mangalore United have signed CM Gautham for Rs. 1 lakh

Abhishek Reddy has been signed by Hubli Tigers for 1.6 lakhs

# Indian all-rounder Stuart Binny has gone unsold.

# Bhavesh Gulecha has gone to Mangalore United for Rs.1.3 lakhs

Bharat Chipli has been signed by Bijapur Bulls for Rs. 1.5 lakhs

# Bellary Tuskers have another one. This time it is B Akhil for 2.1 lakhs

# Bellary Tuskers have snapped up KB Pavan for just Rs. 50,000

# David Mathias signed by Namma Shivamogga for Rs. 2.6 lakhs

# Rockstars sign SL Akshay for Rs. 2 lakhs

Anirudh Joshi has been signed by Mysuru Warriors for Rs. 2.3 lakhs

# Kunal Kapoor has not been picked by the teams.

# And the next player is Shishir Bhavane  who has been snapped up by Mangalore United for Rs. 2.5 lakhs

# Pawan Deshpande has signed by Namma Shivamogga for Rs. 2.3 lakhs

# KL Rahul has been passed on by the teams.

# The first player is Jonathan. And he is sold to Mysuru Warriors for Rs. 3.5 lakhs

Charu Sharma has now begun the auction.

# Belagavi Panthers: Rs 8.5 lakh (Rs 50,000 Pool A PLUS Rs 8 lakh Pool B)

# Bellary Tuskers: Rs. 14.9 lakh (Rs. 8.2 lakh + Rs 6.7 lakh)

# Bijapur Bulls: Rs 9.7 lakh (Rs. 1.7 lakh + Rs 8 lakh)

# Hubli Tigers: Rs 14.05 lakh (Rs 6.05 lakh +Rs 8 lakh)

# Mangalore United: Rs. 11,64, 250 (Rs 5,44,250 + Rs. 6.2 lakh)

# Mysuru Warriors: Rs 14.8 lakh (Rs 6.9 lakh + Rs 7.9 lakh)

# Namma Shivamogga: Rs 13.1 lakh (Rs 5.7 lakh + Rs. 7.4 lakh)

# Rockstars Rs. 6.5 lakh (Rs 2.5 lakh + Rs 4 lakh)

The following are the Pool A players who are up for sale at the auction: Abhishek Reddy, B Akhil, SL Akshay, Anirudh Joshi, Bharat Chipli, Bhavesh Gulecha,  David Mathias, CM Gautham, Jonathan, Kunal Kapoor, KB Pavan, Pawan Deshpande, KL Rahul, Shishir Bhavane, Stuart Binny.

Reference : sportskeeda.com