10 Most Interesting & Unknown Facts about Virat Kohli

The best batsman in the world currently, Virat Kohli who started his cricketing career as Delhi batsman has now become a superstar of Indian cricket. He is known as an aggressive and hardworking cricketer who never give in any situation. His detractors which were a few in number had many such things to say but one thing which even they acknowledged was the talent, sheer talent which was second to none.

Now, over the years the detractors seem to go missing, the brash lad no longer shows his middle finger he rather shows off his batting skills. The over-hyped celebrations have now led to not so over the top celebration and the hot head has been replaced by a calm head who just has good aggression and this has led him to the natural successor of Mahi and made him the captain of the Indian Cricket team

ARE you a KOHLI fan? If yes then you must read these interesting and unknown facts about Virat Kohli.

1. Kohli is a man of steel. Not only is this thing elucidated by the fact that he is the best chaser the world has ever seen but also that he played and scored 90 for Delhi in a Ranji match on the same day that his father died.

2. Kohli might not have a cordial relation with Gambhir now but initially, they were close friends. Gambhir gave his man of the match trophy to Kohli when Virat scored his maiden ODI century.

3. This man has a knack of making records. Kohli became the first Indian to score a century on his World Cup debut.

4. For all the cheeky shots that he plays. This Delhi lad is lovingly called “cheeku” by his friends and team-mates.

5. Virat loves tattoos. In fact, he has got four on his body. And his favourite one?? : The samurai warrior.

6. Kohli supports other sports as well. And apart from being a good football player, he also co -owns ISL team, FC Goa whose coach was the white Pele Zico.

7. Kohli is the brand ambassador of the Border Security Force (BSF) of India. A matter of pride for sports fraternity.

8. Kohli’s average while chasing in ODI’s is a mind blowing 62.50. This is the best and better than any of his contemporaries.

9. Virat was a born leader. It seems a natural progression for him to lead the Indian squad across all formats as he led various Junior teams and even led India to the memorable  2008 U-19 World Cup win.

10. Some milestones of Kohli are mind-boggling and there  are various milestones in which he is either the first or the fastest. But one fact that stands apart from others is that he holds the record for the fastest ODI century by an Indian batsman. Not a record you would associate with Virat Kohli.