Top 10 Most Stylish Cricketers in the World

Cricket was supposed to be a gentleman’s game, wasn’t it? But with the growing popularity and advent of sponsors, the game is fast becoming a glamour sport. Also, the IPL and various other T20 leagues across the world have also lent the style factor to the sport. The market demands as much as good looks as Cricketing prowess. So some cricketers with killer charm are making all the right noises when it comes to the advertisers. Here is our list of the top 10 most stylish cricketers who send the cricketing world in frenzy because of their looks.

Most Stylish Cricketers in the World

World’s Top 10 Most Stylish Cricketers

10. Mitchell Johnson

The former fast bowler was known for his style. His handle beard moustache created equal havoc as his fiery bowling. Tattoos on his big muscular arm certainly won a few female fans.

9. Michael Clarke

The former Australian Captain was as elegant in his shot making as his looks. His tall figure and boy like face charmed one and all. His immaculate dressing sense also won him plaudits from the fashion police.

8. K L Rahul

This batsman from Karnataka has surely won several hearts during his short career. He has got the body to go with his great looks. Do not forget the manly beard that he supports.

7. Yuvraj Singh

This Singh is the king when it comes to style.His chubby face and desi munda style is charming, to say the least.

6. Kevin Pietersen

The South African-born English batsman has got the attitude to accompany his swag. His height and tattoos make him distinct from other cricketers. He has got a map of the world on his body and he inks the places wherever he scores a century. All these makes him one of the most stylish cricketers in the world.

5. AB Devilliers

The superman of Cricket has a baby face which makes him the darling of advertisers. His lanky body with zero fat go really well with his face. No doubt that he has a female following club in South Africa.

4. Dale Steyn

This bowler kills batsmen by his bowls and bowls over women by his looks.He has got million of followers and a large chunk of them are women.His tattoos and hairstyle are always a talking point.

3. Dhoni

The former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team had a huge fan following in his hey days. His long golden striped hairs were a talking point all over. Even former president of Pakistan, Pervej Musharaff was a fan off of her hair style. Captain Cool of India is definitely one of the most stylish cricketers.

2. Brett Lee

He has fans all over the world. This rockstar cricketer is also an actor and a singer. The most fearsome bowler of his generation is also the most handsome athlete of his generation.

1. Virat Kohli

A run machine of Indian cricket team and arguably the best batsman in the world currently, Virat is the most stylish cricketers in the world. With his angry young man image, he can give several Bollywood actors a run for their money. He loves to stay healthy and look stylish which makes a perfect package for brands and thus, he is brand ambassador of various big brands.