5 Players Who Can Replace Yuvraj Singh ahead of 2019 World Cup

The days are near and indelibly we are going to miss our dear. Yes folks! I am talking about the forthcoming Cricket World Cup 2019 in England. Just 1 and a half year is left for the mega event and Indian team seems to be in a spot of bother when it comes to one man. And that man is no other than the Prince of Indian cricket Yuvraj Singh. Seeing Yuvraj struggle on the field is a sight just too come nowadays and surely it is a painful sight to see.

The past performances have been staunchly against Yuvraj. Just one off match against Pakistan in the recently concluded Champions Trophy and that was it. No performances to ascertain his credibility as a perfect number 4. With age also becoming a factor his fielding skills are on a wane. And by the looks of it Kohli isn’t really confident of his bowling skills either, he hardly gave Yuvraj to bowl.

Players Who Can Replace Yuvraj Singh

The man that has given us so many of wonderful moments are finding it tough to stand his ground and the time has finally come when we foray our sights away from Yuvraj and some new talent. Here is our pick of cricketers who can replace Yuvraj Singh ahead of 2019 World Cup.

Manish Pandey

The man from Bangalore has proved time and again of his batting skills and also his ability to perform in tough situations be it in IPL or against Australia in Australia. His finishing skills are really awesome and he might well be the perfect foil for Dhoni too. He seems to be the perfect choice to replace Yuvraj.

Kedar Jadhav

Although now a regular, his place is always under threat and he could be the perfect replacement for Yuvraj provided that he bats well and also has an uncanny knack of picking up wickets. He can also double up as a keeper if need be and that is the best part about him.

Robin Utthapa

One thing that has been perplexing since ages is the reason this man isn’t playing for the national team. His attacking skills are second to none and he can keep. He can also finish innings and also provide solidarity in the middle overs. Hopefully, selectors see him as an able replacement to Yuvraj.

Ajinkaya Rahane

The Mumbai lad never has luck going by his way. The most under-rated player of his generation, whatever he does seems to come shortly. Getting kicked out of the team for no obvious reason has been a norm to him. With a dip in the form of Yuvraj, at least we can expect his comeback in the team.

Karun Nair

The most unheard name in the list, but surely the most likely. He is young, has good batting technique(needed for pitches in England) and a really calm head over his shoulders. He might well provide the solidity Indian requires bringing back the cup home.