Top 10 Teams with Most Sixes in ODI Cricket History

With the advent of T20 cricket, even the way ODI cricket is played has changed. Big bats and small grounds have made batsmen more fearless. Also, batsmen are now more fearless and innovative in their play. They take more risks in One-day cricket and start slamming the bowlers from the word go. Here is a look at the top 10 teams with most sixes in ODI cricket. Although the list is not completely indicative of the hitting prowess of the teams as there are teams who have been playing cricket from the offset.

#10 Bangladesh

The Tigers from Bangladesh are new entrants in the world of cricket. Since their induction in the year 1986, they have hit as many as 642 sixes in 331 matches.

#9 Zimbabwe

The team from Africa have gradually transformed from being an exciting side to a laggard. The economy of Zimbabwe can be attributed to the fact. They are 9th on the list with 1002 sixes in 484 matches.

#8 Srilanka

Inducted in the year 1975, the Lankan lions have hit 1453 sixes in 792 matches so far. These staggering stats are the normal side that once boasted of hard-hitter like Jayasuriya.

#7 England

The pioneers of Cricket were not that great in hitting sixes till recently. Their stats, 1468 sixes in 691 games is an evidence of that.

#6 South Africa

The African team are on the most exciting teams to watch on the field. They have been barred for years from International Cricket and in In only 580 matches, they have hit 1584 sixes.

#5 New Zealand

The Black Caps often have hard-hitters in the team and their record shows that. They have hit 2016 sixes in 728 matches.

#4 Australia

The most aggressive team in World of Cricket is just 4th in the list. They have played 901 matches and hit 2070 sixes so far.

#3 Pakistan

Our arch rivals are one team that hit more sixes than fours in general. They have hit a staggering 2218 sixes in 876 matches so far.

#2 West Indies

The team from Carribean Islands have ruled Cricket in the past. Always filled with stroke players and big hitters. They have so far hit 2259 sixes in 755 matches.

#1 India

teams with most sixes in ODI cricket.

For obvious reasons, India is at the top of the tree. Indian teams have smashed most sixes in ODI cricket. They have played the most number of matches and also they are always filled with six-hitters. In the record 910 matches, they have hit a record 2331 sixes.