Top 10 Famous Sledgers in the Cricket World

10 Famous Sledgers in the Cricket World

Cricket known as the gentlemen’s game of the world has witnessed some unfair actions of imitating and strategically making the opponent lose concentration by sharing an inappropriate bad verbal language or fierce actions. The purpose of offending the opponent to loose concentration is known as sledging. Abusive actions or words on the live game is an impulsive nature of the sportsmen. Here are the following top 10 famous Sledgers of the cricket world.

10. Kieron Pollard

The big man from Trinidad is the cricketer every bowler fears about. The strength and style of this cruel batsmen hammer every bad ball out of the park but even his miss hits sails over the boundary. Pollard is the most friendly player in the squad in the whatsoever team he plays for whether Mumbai Indians or Barbados Tridents. During the game we have often noticed that this Trinidadian giant loves confrontation, He confronts every challenging bowler’s share sledging words in a funny way and often gets aggressive if his gestures are not taken sportingly. to me, he is the punisher in this cricket world and his famous sledging incidents are with Shane Watson and Mitchel Starc.

9. James Faulkner  

Faulkner doesn’t need an introduction, well! He is one of the best All rounder in the cricket world, usually a Seam bowler who does exclusive variations in bowling with his special back of the hand slower delivery. Faulkner is not only a wicket taker but a Match winner batsmen and he has proven this in past years for team Australia. You can call Faulkner a gentlemen sledge as he often challenges the batsmen to hit him in a sporty but aggressive fashion. His exchange of words with Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are one of his sledge battle he had during his cricket career.

8. Shane Warne

The Australian China-man Leg spinner is one of the living legend of the cricket world and very aggressive sportsmen on and off the field. Warne uses to literally have a verbal war with the Cricketers who use to frustrate him and not get out for long. He has sledge numerous cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Andrew Straus and recently has done a very harsh sledging to Marlon Samuels during the Big bash match.

7. Andrew Flintoff

The most reliable All-rounder England ever had. More than 9000 runs and 350 wickets for England, Andrew Flintoff was the worlds best all-rounder at his time, though his fans still miss him a lot Andrew Flintoff changed his path of his career to international boxing, His sledges were of confrontations and usually stated about who is the best. He uses to tease the Batsmen while bowling  ‘Didn’t you nicked that mate’ were one of his sledge lines, His famous sledging incidents are with Dwayne Bravo and Yuvraj Singh.

6. Dwayne Bravo

DJ Bravo DJ Bravo …..! Champion , Champion . The Caribbean all-rounder is a Dancer, Singer, Bowler and batsmen but his Sledges are never harsh but in a funny fashion. Along with his cricketing skills bravo has got this sledging skills which hardly hurts someone but often makes the opponent smile. Dwayne Bravo’s sledges are humorous and aggressive and he loves challenging his opponents on the field

5. Mitchel Johnson

The Australian tattoo star and the lightning fast 150 kph bowler is a Rapid Sledging star as well. We have often seen Johnson sledging Batsmen after those Pacey bouncers and accurate yorkers and is a number one sledge start. His sledging is Famous in The Ashes tournament where he did not forgive a single English player when it comes to intimating and Challenging. His sledging incidents with M.S.Dhoni, Virat Kohli are the most famous ones.

4. Virat Kohli

The top t20 batsmen in the world and Captain of the Indian Test Squad. We are talking about the aggressive skipper Kohli. Very aggressive with On field gesture whether it’s a Catch a runout or a Century. Virat Kohli slaps the opponents with his harsh gesture and a beep, I can only say this ‘DONT MESS WITH VIRAT KOHLI’.

3. Gautam Gambhir

The man who lead India for 2010 world cup victory, This left-handed opening batsman has a short temper and doesn’t take any harsh comments from the opponents. He replies every strong uneven gesture with a Tit for Tat approach. His sledging incidents with Shahid Afridi and Virat Kohli are the famous sledges in the cricket world.

2. Shoaib Akhtar 

Rawalpindi express of Pakistan.150 kph and on a consistent basis, yes we are talking about the Nawaab bowler of Pakistan Shoaib Akhtar. He was a Sportsmen who loved teasing batsmen and challenging them to take him on. Shoaib Akhtar,s Frighting gestures or whether to stare the batsmen for long and exchange of harsh words were his sledging habits. His Famous sledging incidents are with Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly and Virendra Sehwag.

1. Ricky Ponting

The Captain of Team Australia, in fact, the most winning captain Australia ever had, Yes Ricky Ponting! No surprises he is there right here in the top of my list. Ponting’s Harsh comments and vulgar language which I can’t mention here were not only for the opponents but he was repeatedly warned for abusing the Match officials and the Umpires. Who the F**** is the umpires were one of the weirdest banter I have ever seen.