IPL 2017: Top 5 Fielders With Most Catches in the IPL History

It’s said that the cricket is the game between the batsman and the bowler. But this equation has changed in the recent times. It’s no longer the batsman and bowlers game only. Feilding has become the most important part of the game in the recent years. We have seen how a catch can change the course of any game on its head.

So, is the case in the IPL. If we clearly analyze the teams that have won the IPL, we could easily realize that all the teams had some very good fielders in their squad. Over the course of nine seasons, we have seen some stunning catches. So let’s see the Top 5 fielders with the most catches in the IPL.

#5. Kieron Pollard

Matches: 106

Catches: 55

Another West Indies player feature son the list. Kiron Pollard is one of the best boundary fielders in the entire IPL. His height gives him an extra advantage while fielding. He is absolute magnifying in the field and many time he has taken catches that we thought were going over the rope. He has taken 55 catches in 106 matches with a maximum of 2 catches in a game over the course of the nine seasons.

#4. Dwayne Bravo

Matches: 106

Catches: 60

The westIndian features at the No. 4 position the list. Bravo, bring everything to a game. He is an excellent finisher, and excellent death bowler and a great fielder. Bravo has taken 60 catches in 106 matches with a maximum of 3 in a match over the course of nine seasons. He is ever liable in the field and puts everything on the line fielding for his team.

#3. Rohit Sharma

Matches: 142

Catches: 61

Third comes another great fielder in the Indian national team, Rohit Sharma. He is an excellent opening batsman for Mumbai Indians and a great fielder. He has played 142 matches and has taken 61 catches with a maximum of 3 catches in a match over the course of nine seasons of IPL. This should be surprising for anyone as Jonty Rhodes is the fielding coach of Mumbai Indians.

#2. AB de Villiers

Matches: 120

Catches: 66

At the second position, we have the superman from South Africa, AB de Villiers. There is nothing in this world that AB can not do. He can bat as the team need him to bat, he can do wicket-keeping when the team needs, he can bowl medium fast and he fields like superman. He has taken 66 catches in 120 over the nine season of the IPL. He is considered to have the safest hand among all the players.

#1. Suresh Raina

Matches: 147

Catches: 82

At the top of the list is ever reliable player in the IPL and probably one the best fielder in Indian national team. He not only perform with bat and ball but is a live wire when it comes to fielding. He has taken many great catches in the IPL. He has taken 82 catches in 147 matches with a maximum of 3 catches in a match over the course of nine seasons.

These were some of the best fielders in the IPL who put everything on the line for their team while fielding as a good fielder saves the runs for the team in every match.