Top 5 Strokes Played by Virat Kohli

After hitting a classic double ton in the test against West Indies, Virat Kohli has proved that he is a classic technical  player in all formats. He can play any kind of cricketing shots very comfortably and with ease. The shots that make Virat the run machine in every format of cricket. Here are top 5 best shot played by Virat Kohli.

1. Flick Off The Pads

Flick Off The Pads

Subcontinental players play this shot very often. And this shot has been Bread Butter shot for the Virat Kohli and Kohli scores his most of his runs through this shot and he plays this shot very easily. he just maintains the body posture and just shuffles the ball and use the wrist to give direction to the ball on mid-wicket in the very controlled manner. Because he holds the bat at bottom hand so he can able to control bat swing.

2. Cover Drive 

Virat cover drive

Cover Drive by Virat Kohli is pleased eyes of spectators. He just goes to the bounce of the ball and pushes the ball through Covers gap and sometimes he just Loft the to hit sixes over the cover direction. He leans out on on the bounce of the ball and maintains stable head position and body poise.

3. Square Cut

Virat's square cut

Square Cut by Virat is very unorthodox. He plays that shot modern way and this shot is very much effective. He plays that shot in his own way. He just steps out crease and slices the ball towards gully and point region and sometimes on covers also but he swings the bat from the third man so he can just control the ball easily

4. Inside Out Over The Cover

Virat above cover

This is the advance version of the Cover Drive. This shot has been played by two Indian players Ajinkya Rahane And Virat Kohli. He plays this shot against spinners. And play this shot with the spin and against the spin also. He just steps out and reach to the bounce of the ball and Lift the ball over the Covers. He balanced his weight and shifts back foot to front foot and maintains the body poisition.

5. Hook/Pull shot

Virat Full shot

Everyone knows that Indian player can’t play bouncers. But Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are very known for their hook shot. Virat maintains his body position and He just transfers his weight to the backfoot and play that shot very effortlessly and he just plays bouncers very easily and the reason behind he plays this shots with a composed and stable manner. And the body poise which he maintains.