10 UnKnown Facts About Dhoni You Probably Didn’t Know

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is celebrating his 36th birthday today (7 July). Ranchi’s most popular boy and India’s most successful Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who took the cricketing world by storm and caught the imagination of the millions of fans of this country because of his powerful hitting and also that hippie hair. His transformation from a wicket-keeper batsman who just bulldozed the bowlers by his brute force to the calm saint like chaser who became the epitome of coolness. Dhoni became the captain for 2007 T20 WC  was much his surprise as India winning the competition and surely he did not look back after that.

Achievements followed and a small town boy became a hot cake and the star of the eye of the millions of fan across the world. His stars soared and so did the stars of the Indian Cricketing team. His abrupt retirement from first the Test and now stepping down as the captain of the limited overs just exemplifies the fact that he never let it know what he is thinking, a thing, not even the opposition captains can claim to have ever known. So, here are some unknown facts about Dhoni you probably didn’t know.

10 Interesting Facts About Dhoni

#1. Mahi has a love for speed and that fact is elucidated by the fact that Mahi had an FIM Supersport World Championship team named Mahi Racing Team India.

#2. The finisher that he is Dhoni has hit a six on the final ball in the ODI for a record 13 times (4 last balls of the 50th over and 9 while finishing an innings).

#3. The helicopter shot that has caught the imagination of the cricket lovers around the globe actually isn’t his invention.It was taught to him by his friend Santosh Lal.

#4. Running between wickets has always been a speciality of Dhoni but do you know that Dhoni got run out in his ODI debut against Bangladesh?

#5. Dhoni has achieved what other captains can dream. He is the only captain to win the World Cup, the Champions Trophy, the T20 world cup and also captain his side to the zenith of test rankings which shows his class and reach.

#6.  Mahi is very superstitious and religious and regularly visits Deori temple. He even shaved his head after winning the World Cup.

#7. Mahi has a fleet of bikes and cars and is only one few in India who owns Hummer. He loves speed, doesn’t he?

#8. Remember the long golden locks Of Mahi, it was a copy of John Abhrahim his close friend.

#9. Dhoni played football as a youngster and was a goalkeeper for his team. It’s great that his coach told him to switch to cricket.

#10. Dhoni is an armyman, truly!! He was conferred the honorary rank of Lt. Colonel by the Indian Territorial Army.