Ind vs Aus 4th Test: Virat Kohli carries drinks for Team India, watch video

The thing that the Indians fans were least hoping for has happened during the final test match between India and Australia in Dharamshala. There were lots of speculation made about the condition of Virat Kohli and whether he will be able to continue or not. All the speculation of his playing came to an end when Rahane came for the toss.

Virat Kohli is not playing in the final test match. Kohli suffered a shoulder injury on the first day of the test match in Rachi while fielding near the boundary. Kohli was uncomfortable in the whole match and could be the main reason for his failure in the previous test match. He was immediately taken to the hospital for MRI scan.

The MRI report showed no sign of the serious injury to Kohli bu he was seen struggling with his shoulder in the entire match. There was speculation made that he will not be able to play in the final test. The speculation got even stronger when Shreyas Iyer was called in the team as a cover player for Virat Kohli.

Virat himself said in the press conference before the match that he will take the field if he is not 100% fit. He said that the nation’s interest is more important to him and he would love to see the side whether he is able to make it or not. That statement came true when Rahane stepped up for the toss. The ruling out of Virat Kohli will act as a huge dent in the India’s chances of winning the final test match given how much Indian batting depend on oh him.

However, during the drinks break, Virat Kohli himself walked out on the field with the drinks. He was looking quite happy with his new role and also talked with his team-mates.

Now in this match, the team will have to step up and show the people that they can play as a unit and could win the match without Virat.

Surely it’s a disappointment for the fans in the Dharamshala who were hoping for the batting exhibition by the Indian captain. But this does not mean that the India can not win the test match. There are many players like Pujara, Vijay, Jadeja who are in excellent form. These guys would have to step up and take the responsibility in the absence of Virat.

There will be a huge responsibility on the shoulders of Rahane to lead the side with the same aggression as the Virat did. He would have to take the responsibility and lead the side to victory in the final match of the home season for the team. Now we would have to wait for the end of the match to see the result.