Virat Kohli Drinks Water Worth ₹600 Per Litre

Do you know how much Virat Kohli water cost? You will be surprised to know that Kohli drinks water worth ₹600 per litre. India skipper Virat Kohli is known for his strict fitness regime and no matter he is on vacation or on cricket field.

Kohli is considered as one of the fittest cricketers and has set an example for other cricketers too. Many cricketers has praised Kohli for his fitness level but there is also a secret ingredient which plays a vital role in his success.

Virat Kohli Drinks Water Worth ₹600 Per Litre

As per a report in, Kohli only drinks imported bottled water named Evian. The water bottle is imported from France and costs about Rs 600 per litre. If you think why Evian’s water bottle is expensive? then here is the answer:

1. Evian water is packed in very high-quality PET bottles which are bio-degradable.

2. The brand is very trustable across the world.

3. As the bottle is imported from France, the shipping costs add to the total costs which increases its price.

Speaking to CricketNext, Kohli’s coach Rajkumar Sharma said, “It takes a lot of devotion and focus to restructure your lifestyle to this extent. He has cut down on carbs and doesn’t even have rotis now. It is either grilled or boiled food for him. Even his coffee is without sugar and definitely no packaged juices for him.”