Virat Kohli: Impossible to Break Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 Hundreds Record

Virat Kohli recently broke Sachin Tendulkar’s record of most centuries in successful chases by smashing 15th ODI ton against England in 1st ODI in Pune. The Indian captain scored 122 while batting second which helped India to cross finish line successfully. He might have broken this record of Sachin but Virat feels that it is impossible to break Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 hundreds record. Kohli has scored 42 international centuries across all formats so far.

At one moment, it was looking hard that India will cross 300 runs but due to Kohli and Kedar Jadhav’s 120, India defeated England and chased down the 351 by 3 wickets remained.

Virat is considered as best batsman across all formats in modern cricket and thus, fans and journalist always compare him with Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. He once again compared after breaking most centuries in successful chases record but he said that he might not play for that long as Tendulkar and records like 100 hundreds are impossible to break. He said that, he just wants to give his 100 percent and ensure Indian cricket stays on top.

Kohli told former England captain Nasser Hussain in an interview that, “It is really difficult what Tendulkar has been able to achieve. I might not play for that long (24 years) because it is really difficult with the amount of cricket we play nowadays and all that stuff.”

He also added, “But, yes, till the time I play I want to take up that responsibility and carry Indian cricket forward and make a difference. You must leave the game in a better space, place when you leave, when you stop playing the game. What he has left behind is almost impossible to achieve. 100 hundreds is something that looks so far fetched for any batsman playing the game today. All I can say is I will give my very best to make sure that Indian cricket stays on top till the last day I play this game.”