Virat Kohli’s 5 Unbelievable Records & Statistics

King Kohli has been tormenting bowlers ever since he stepped on to the cricket world. Especially over the past 4-5 years, the punishment that the bowlers receive from his, is a sight for the cricket lovers to savour. To add to his immense stardom on the field there are few of his records that are recorded in the cricketing record books. Here are Virat Kohli’s 5 unbelievable records that the master holds with his name.

Virat Kohli's 5 Unbelievable Records

Most Runs in IPL season: King Kohli has a record of scoring the most centuries in an IPL season. He scored 4 centuries in IPL-9 a record. Also, he garnered a staggering 973 runs in the tournament to set an all time record in the tournament.

4 Successive Double Centuries: Kohli isn’t just called the best batsman in this world. He is a run-machine in all the formats of the game and this just shows the versatility of the man. He has the record of scoring 4 double centuries in 4 consecutive test series. He also holds the record of scoring 3 double centuries in a single season as a captain.

Indian Team Captain: Captaincy more often than not makes people buckle under pressure. But Kohli is the one who relishes under pressure. This fact is proven by his first three innings as Test captain. Kohli smashed 3 centuries in the first 3 innings of his test captaincy innings. This is a record, the previous best was two centuries in the first two innings.

Biggest chaser: Kohli is the king of chases. He is the most successful chase in the history of cricket. He seems to score a century whenever he steps on to the field to chase and the best part the chase seems secure till he is there on the pitch. He has scored a record 18 centuries in chases and out of these 16 have come in successful chases.

Run Machine Across all Formats: Another record that shows that Kohli is a king across all formats is that he averages more than 50 in all the formats and this fact is even more special because none of the other batsmen are even close to this feat.