WADA to Conduct Blood Test on Cricketers ahead of CT 2017

WADA  to conduct a blood test on cricketers ahead of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Every single cricket team has to undergo the doping test. The World Anti Doping Agency has been associated with the world of Cricket since the year 2006. But they have been never so indulged in Cricket as in other sports. But with the ban on Andre Russel for a year over doping violation is a clear indication that WADA is as much into Cricket as in other sports.

They have taken a further step to ensure the cleanliness of the sport by conducting a blood test on all the Cricketers participating in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

Since 2006, the players were tested.But they were random tests and that too urine test.In urine tests, the problem is that they are various perform enhancing drugs that go undetected. So you can go undetected even if you have taken in something wrong. And that’s really not good for the spirit of Cricket. We want to watch fair play and not tainted play. So, the decision is a bold one when it comes to cleaning the sport we love so much.

WADA has claimed that all the players will undergo the test before the competition starts and the blood samples collected will be stored for 10 years for comparing for any disparency. Intially the players were a bit unsure about the process. As they were reluctant to give their blood samples for obvious reasons.

But once the officials talked to them about the positive impacts that the sampling would bring to the World of Cricket and they agreed. So, get ready for some startling revelation in coming years that can shake the world of Cricket!