Formula 1 Car Cost & its Price Breakdown

A Formula One Car is usually world’s most expensive car. Have you ever tried to find out how much does a Formula 1 car cost? An F1 Car is made up of several critical parts including the Gearbox, Hydraulics, Fuel Tank, Engine Unit, Cooling system, steering wheels, Tyres, and suspensions. Unlike a normal car F1 Cars has high-quality resistant products that give this car a Lightning speed.

The Mega F1 Teams like teams like Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren has an average spending of around $320 Million a year which is approximately 213 thousand crore Indian rupees. Shocked, isn’t it? It involves car cost, drivers, and backroom staff while other smaller team do the same thing at mere $60 million a year. So cost is different for different teams. Here we will see the Formula 1 Car cost and its components price breakdown.

Formula 1 Car Cost & its Price Breakdown

Formula 1 Car Cost (Price Breakdown)

Basic Components Price
Engine Unit $7.7 Million
Carbon fibre monocoque $650,000 per chassis
Front wing & nose cone $160,000
Rear wing & DRS overtaking aid $80,000
Steering wheel $50,000
Fuel tank plus assembly $110,000
Hydraulics $160,000
Gearbox $480,000
Cooling system $160,000
Total Basic Cost $9.4, Million

The Cost of a competitive F1 Race Car is $9.4 Million which is approximately around 62 crores Indian Rupees. Pretty much for a Car right. But yes they are the Participating cars in the Fastest race on Earth. The Car or the Driver riding that F1 Car doesn’t win the Race but the entire Team that provides time to time service during the Formula One Circuit. Let us take a look at the top 3 formula one car components and its price.

Formula One Car Engine

An average Formula one cost up to $8 to $10 million depending on the team and with the new rules of F1 coming into play we have “1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines” which teams usually use.The new advanced highly specification engines can cost a team easily around $14 million per car.There are teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren who get their engine’s from Japanese company Honda will definitely get help to reduce the cost of the engine.

Formula One Car Tires

Which such a Blistering speed of 160km/hr these F1 Cars do require resistant Tyres. Hence, the Formula 1 cars tires are supplied by Italian tire company “Pirelli” according to the spokesman of Pirelli, they spend more than a low profile teams annual budget when supplying tires to Formula 1 teams throughout the season.

Formula One Car Fuel

The Formula One Car consumes a lot of Fuel. 30000 times more than an average car that a common man uses. On an average, an F1 Car team has to fill up around 200,000 liters of fuel in a single season. Which is $440,000 a year in just fuel consumption? Approximately 2.9 crores INR.