Highlights: Atletico Madrid Beat Leicester City 1-0 in Champions League

Atletico Madrid managed to beat the last year English premier league champion Leicester city in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League quarter-final tie at the Vicente Calderon Stadium on Wednesday. The match was played in the home ground of Atletico Madrid which gave them the home advantage and they took full advantage of this. They will also be happy that they did not concede any away goals in this match which give them a huge upper hand in the return leg of this fixture.

Madrid showed the great character and played their natural defensive game after they got the opening goal. On the other hand, Leicester city was unable to put any kind of significant pressure on the home side. They were lucky that they are only behind by one goal in the fixture.

Highlights: Atletico Madrid Beat Leicester City 1-0

The match started much positively for the Atletico Madrid. In the initial phase of the match, both the teams looked a bit shaky and they were trying to understand each other’s game. Both the team played a good defensive game in the start and mostly tried to keep the possession of the ball. They were looking for the opponent to make the mistake and no team really went for the press. Leicester did try to score the goal but all of their chances were denied by the fabulous goalkeeper.

The match was going very slow until the home side was awarded a penalty kick. It was again the involvement of the French star Griezmann who was brought down in the box which resulted in the penalty kick for the home side.  But, Leicester city player argues that the foul was outside the box. This created a lot of confusion and tussle between the players of both the side. The replay confirmed that Leicester city players were right. The initial contact did come just out of the box. But, the referee stood by his decision of the spot kick.

Schmeichel, Leicester city goalkeeper did save the penalty in both the match against Sevilla. The Leicester city fans were hoping that he could do the same in this match also but the french player was too good to miss the goal from that distance as he slotted the ball into the net. Griezmann did not make the mistake and with the cool and calm finish, he gave the 1-0 lead to his team.

There was no further goal in the match as both the side looked very strong in their defense. They tried to make sure that they do not concede the away goal. Now, in the return leg fixture on the match, Atletico Madrid will have a great advantage as they are one goal up in the competition and they have also not conceded the away goal.

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