Transfer Rumor: Barcelona to offer Isco £17.2m for 2018 transfer

According to latest transfer rumor, Barcelona are keen on signing the Real Madrid’s midfielder Isco. He is one of the prominent players for the Spanish national side and has played a major role in the recent winning of Spain.

Isco is currently playing for Real Madrid but he is not happy there as he does not get enough opportunities there with the likes of Bale, Ronaldo, Benzema playing regularly for the Real Madrid. With Isco’s contact ending in summer of 2018, Barcellona is offering Isco a contract for 17 million pounds (€20m) to stay at Real Madrid for another year and later join Barcelona for free in 2018.

This transfer will surely make the Real Madrid fans unhappy as Isco is considered to be one of the finest players in the world. The point that he will leave Real Madrid to join their arch rival Barcelona is going to make the supporter furious. There are many rumors that this deal is true and if it is then Barcelona would be lucky to get such a good player without paying mush money.

The statement by Andre Iniesta also adds to the rumors. He praised Isco and said “I think he is a fantastic footballer, a massive talent. He has been doing things very well now for years and is at one of the best teams. Just like here in the national team, he is very important. He is still very young and has many years to continue improving”.

Isco is currently not happy with the amount of game time that id getting at Real Madrid and wants to move to the new club so that he gets more opportunity to showcase his talent. There are many other clubs who are also interested in Isco and are ready to pay the handsome amount for his services but it’s more likely that he will join Barcelona.

His addition to the Barcelona would give a good bench strength for their side. He would also love to play with the likes of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez who are considered as the best strikers in the world. This will also give him a chance to learn a lot from these players to further enhance his skills.

Now, it remains to be seen what Isco decides about his future. But, it’s highly unlikely that he will continue at Real Madrid. The only thing that remains to be seen whether he chooses to go to Barcelona or decides to start a new journey with another club in the different league.