Bayern Munich 1-2 Real Madrid Highlights: Ronaldo scores 100th goal in Europe

Real Madrid again proved that they are the best club in the world by beating Bayern Munich in their home. Last night, Real Madrid was up against Bayern Munich in the quarter-final match of the champions league. The match was played at the home of Bayern Munich which meant that the have home advantage and it was very unlikely that they would lose on their home ground. But, Real Madrid had some other ideas. They not only beat Bayern Munich and also made sure that they have two away goal advantage when they will play Bayern again in the return leg fixture.

Bayern Munich 1-2 Real Madrid Highlights

The match started positively for Bayer Munich. They had the home support and much to the liking they were very aggressive right from the start. This put a lot of pressure on Real Madrid defense. There were many times that Bayern just missed the target in the initial phase of the match.

But, they continued to put pressure on Real Madrid’s defense and soon they got the result. Vidal made the Real Madrid pay as they failed to clear the ball. Vidal scored the opening goal for Bayern Munich with an emphatic header which saw the home side take the 1-0 lead.

Bayern had the chance to kill the game just a few minutes after that goal when they were awarded a penalty kick. There were lot os controversies in that penalty but referee stood with his decision of spot kick. But, much to the liking, Vidal put the ball over the crossbar which gave the livelfe to Real Madrid and they took the full advantage of this lifeline. Real Madrid equalised the scoreline with a fantastic strike from one of the best player in the world, Ronaldo. He smashed the ball with his left foot to bring his team back in the match.

Once, Real got the opening goal the whole complexion of the match changed as now Madrid went looking for a winner and they got it. The star was again Ronaldo as he managed to score his second goal in the match.

The second goal sealed the match for the away side and in doing so he became the first man to score 100 times in European competition. He is the only player to achieve this great landmark. Real Madrid will now take a huge advantage in the second leg of the match.

The two away goal has put the Real Madrid side in the driver seat and they are most likely to move to the semifinal. The star of the show was Christiano Ronaldo who netted two goals for his team to seal the match.

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