Best Midfielders in the World Right Now 2017

Best Midfielders in the World

Controlling the game from the middle of the pitch and pulling the threads is what makes midfielders the most amazing breed of footballers. The likes of Paul Scholes, Pirlo, Xavi and Zidane have immortalised the mid-section of the football field. To add to the magic that some of these players create while operating from the middle of the pitch, some of them have a knack for scoring crucial goals. Here is the list of top 10 best midfielders in the world right now that are the most influential ones.

Best Midfielders in the World Right Now

10. Thiago Alcantara

There is something in La Masia, they keep on producing midfield gems and Thiago is one of them. Vision and precision are what defines him. Also, his goals are treated to watch. Also, his contribution to the Bayern team is noteworthy.

9. David Silva

Another midfield maestro from Spain. David Silva has made English Premier League his own. He has helped Manchester City win the championships more than once and also his role in the Spanish team is noteworthy. since Guardiola has taken over the reins of Man City, his role has become even more important.

8. Kevin d Bruyne

He was bought for a record fee from Wolfsburg by Man City and he has repaid every penny of that. He is a magician of the midfield and his dribbling skills mean that he takes out opposition players at will and that has meant good for his team.

7. Mesut Ozil

The German is fast and intuitive. His game awareness is his most lethal weapon and to the top of it, he scores goals at crucial times.

6. Paul Pogba

The French midfielder is destined for great things in future. From being a Manchester United discard to their most prized buy, Pogba has come a long way. His tall stature and great vision have meant that he penetrates through defences with ease. He seems to have learnt a lot from Pirlo during their time at Juventus.

5. Andreas Iniesta

Once a master of his art, Andreas has been hampered by a series of injuries off late. Though that has not limited him to showcase his brilliance on the pitch. Happy feet, as he is commonly known, still pulls the strings for Barca. His nimble touches have mesmerised the viewers for a long time and hopefully, he continues to wield his magic on the field.

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4. Luka Modric

If . Zidane tells you that you are special then surely you are special. Often described by Zidane as the best midfielder he has seen, Modric really defines an old time midfielder.

3. Toni Kross

A ball sprayer, Kross grabbed headlines during the World Cup in Brazil. His pinpoint passes and set pieces have made him one of the most sought after midfielders. His connection with Modric has propelled Real Madrid to consecutive Champions League titles.

2. Angel Di Maria

The Argentine midfielder is blessed with amazing skills. His speed and his passes have made him a favourite of PSG fans and he rarely disappoints.

1. Eden Hazard

The Chelsea midfielder, Eden Hazard is the best midfielders in the world right now. He has pace, vision and poaching instincts. His dribbling skills are often compared to the best and the number of goals that he scores is always substantial. He represents a perfect footballer and to the top of it, he also tracks back in case of need.