Champions League Prize Money 2016: Manchester City Tops

The UEFA Champions League prize money for the 2015-16 season of all the teams has been revealed. Manchester City who lost the Champions League semi-final last season earned more than winner Real Madrid. City tops the table of UCL payouts in terms of earning leaving behind all their rivals clubs. Each clubs gets a basic fee of €12m who play in the group stage plus €1.5m for each win and €500,000 for draws. The payment increases when clubs advance to next stage of the tournament.

Manchester City earned €83.8 million (£75.8m) in Champions League prize money last season while the winners Real Madrid earned around €80m from governing body UEFA. The share of British television rights helped City to move ahead of UEFA champion, Madrid as almost half of their overall earnings came from TV rights.

Champions League Prize Money

The city is an important side in world’s most popular league and BT Sport deal to broadcast the Champions League in the UK increased the revenue. The winner of the tournament, Real Madrid got around €15million for winning the UCL title for a 10th time plus €27million earns from TV right while City earns around whopping €47m (£40m) from TV rights deal.

Juventus were third in the list with prize money of €76.2m despite losing in the last 16 round Bayern Munich in the tournament. The Italian champions Juventus got €53mllion from TV rights which are actually more than Manchester City in broadcast revenue.

Chelsea is the 2nd most earning team in the Champions League followed by Arsenal. The Blues made around €69million which was just less than €500,000 less than finalists Atletico Madrid while Gunners earn around €50 Million.

The UEFA Champions League prize money is expected to increase by 30% for the 2018-21 seasons. There will be some changes to TV rights money distribution. Earlier clubs rewarded TV rights revenue based on national rights deal but from now onwards it will be rewarded as club progress in the tournamnet.