Chelsea captain John Terry to leave club at end of season

Chelsea has confirmed that their star defender and captain John Terry will leave the club at the end of this season. Terry has been the backbone of Chelsea defence for a very long time. He has been with the club through all the win and losses. He was the regular player until this season. The new manager Conte’s had kept him on the bench as he is now 36. Conte’s said that he needed young defenders that could last full 90 minutes in the match.

But, whatever be the reason Terry will always remain one of the best defenders for Chelsea. No one could forget his combination with Frank Lampard that troubled the opposition a lot. The defence line that has Terry, Garry Cahil and Azpilqueta proved unbreakable when Mourinho was in charge of Chelsea.The 36-year-old, who has made 713 first-team appearances for the club since his debut in 1998, scored 66 goals for the side.

Chelsea captain John Terry to leave club

John Terry has not only did well for Chelsea but has also performed well for England in the international. He was the regular player in England and has played 78 games for the side and has led the side for 34 times. This season would be his last at Stamford Bridge that has been his home for so long.

He has achieved all the heights that a player could get in club football. The 36-year-old veteran has won 5 FA cups, three league cups, Champions trophy and Europa League. He could also help Chelsea win their 5th premier league title this season.

John Terry said,”After 22 years there is so much to say and so many people to thank at this great football club.” The 36-year-old added,”From coaches, team-mates and staff to the fans who have given me so much support down the years, I can’t thank you enough. There will be opportunities for me to speak further about this over the coming weeks”. He also said about the club future,”I will decide on my future in due course, but for now, I am committed to helping the team achieve success this season.

On asking what will be his future role he said,” The club and I have always had a fantastic relationship, which will continue beyond my playing days.”

He added,”We had some really positive talks but, with everything taken into careful consideration, I have decided it’s the right time for me to leave.”

The club will try to keep John Terry as a non-player. They might offer some coaching role to Terry because he has been through all and his experience could prove to be vital for the side in the coming time. He is the one player that the younger Chelsea players look up to. He might decide on his future but one thing is for sure that he will always remain in the heart of all Chelsea’s fans. He has done a lot for the club and will always remain an integral part of the club.

The best way to say Goodby to this player will be to win the premier league title. This will surely motivate Chelsea’s player to do well in the upcoming matches to give a great farewell to this great player.