Chelsea win the Premier League: Watch Blues’ wild celebrations video

Chelsea are the Premier League champions. They have beaten West Brom to win the premier league this season with two rounds remaining in the premier league. They are 10 points clear on top with just three games remain for the second placed Tottenham. Even if Tottenham wins all the game it will go only at one point less that Chelsea. This is a heartbreak for Tottenham players as they were in superb form this season and were eyeing on the title but only to be denied by Chelsea.

Chelsea win the Premier League

The win for Chelsea comes after they finished at 10th position in the last season. They were going through the horrible run in the last season. None of their star players were performing, they have to sack Jose in the middle of the season and the list went very long. It was like is all over for Chelsea in the premier league and they would not finish in top 4 let alone winning the title. But, all things changed when Conte took the charge.

Conte developed a great relation with the player. He gave more opportunity to the players that deserved the position in the side, made some clinical changes to the side according to the opponent’s weakness. It was under his mentorship. All the big players were in top form this entire season.

Conte mostly focused defense this season. There are many other things that Conte has like the passion, hunger, desire to go one step forward, enthusiasm. It feels like he is totally in the game, the way he behaves in the match. He enjoys every moment in the game and that what makes in unique.

It would not be wrong to say that Chelsea deserved to lift the title this season. They have worked hard in each game and looked a better side in many of the matches. They have consistently played well and that’s the main reason why they have won the trophy. Now, it’s the time for the Chelsea players to enjoy this win as they have worked hard entire season for this.

But, they have to keep their feet on the ground as they will be up against Arsenal in the FA cup final soon. They have the perfect opportunity to win two silverwares this season if they beat Arsenal in the final.

Conte already said that League might be over but the job is still left as he is eyeing on the FA cup trophy this season. He also proved that there were many fans that were saying that he will not be able to replicate Jose’s performance but he did better than that. Watch Chelsea’s wild celebrations video.

Chelsea Players Celebration After Premier League Win