EFL Cup 2017 Prize Money

EFL 2016-2017 is the 57th season of the EFL Cup which was formerly known as Football League Cup or Capital One Cup.The competition features teams from all the tiers of English Football and that total stands at a staggering 92 teams, making it one of the most keenly contested competitions in the world of sport. EFL Cup 2017 champion will take £100,000 in prize money. You can see a complete distribution of EFL Cup 2017 prize money below.

The competition has seen some interesting results even this season with Hull City reaching the semis and also beating Manchester United in one of the legs of the semi-final. But the Red Devils overcame the deficit and made it into the finals where they will face Southhampton at the Wembley on 26th February.

EFL Cup 2017 Prize Money

Jose Mourinho has a chance to win his first Cup at Old Traffod. Manchester United have been deprived of a major trophy since Alex Ferguson times and with all the chopping that has been done, they would surely love a Trophy in their hands.But the Saints would like to have a say in the final. They have knocked off Liverpool in the semi-final and would be eager to win a trophy after a long long time. But do you know EFL Cup winners get in prize money?

EFL Cup 2017 Prize Money Breakdown

Round 1 35 £5,000
Round 2 24 £7,000
Round 3 16 £10,000
Round 4 8 £15,000
Quarterfinals 4 £20,000
Semifinals 2 £25,000
Runners-up 1 £50,000
Winners 1 £100,000

The champion of League Cup will take home a prize money of £100,000. The runner-up will take away half of that amount which is £50,00. The losing teams also do not go home empty handed. Round 1 winners will get 5000 pounds, the second round winners take away 7000 pounds, similarly, the third round winners get a handsome figure of 10000 pounds.

The round 4 winners get 15000 pounds and the semifinalist gets  25000 pounds. But this isn’t the only source of income for the teams. The major source being the gate receipts. The teams get 45% of the gate receipt each and so playing a capacity full stadium means huge revenue for clubs, especially the lower ones. The winners also get a place in Europa League in case winners qualified throughout league system.

EFL is in its 57th season and ever since its start it has remained one of the prestigious trophies in the England. This tournament is also known as the league cup or the capital one cup. Since this is one of the prestigious tournament in the England it attracts many teams from the different tiers of England. This year a total of 92 teams participated in this tournament. This large participation also attracts a large number of football fans and many investors. There are many investors that are ready to bay big amount for this league. This means that the team participating in this league also makes a good amount of money.

The main reason for a large number of fan following of this league is that all the local and low-level teams get the chance to play against the top teams in the league. There are many players that started their career in many these small clubs and then went on to be one of the great players in the football arena. This league also provided the perfect opportunity for the young footballers to showcase their amazing skill to the world and the big clubs.

EFL Cup 2017 Prize Money breakdown:

  1. The EFL Cup 2017 Prize money that is generated from the ticket sale is divided equally between both the teams playing the match. Both the teams get around 45% of the total sale of the ticket. The remaining 10% of the money goes to the Football Association.
  2. A large amount of money is generated by selling the television right for the matches. The amount generates by selling the rights of these matches are used to distribute the amount between the teams and to give the individual awards.

How the Football Association distributes the money among various teams?

  1. The total of 70 teams participates in this round. The 35 teams from the round 1 give an amount of 5,000 British pounds.
  2. The 13 premier league teams join the 35 teams in this stage. But only 24 of these teams are given an amount of 7,000 British pounds.
  3. The top 16 teams in the next round are given an amount of 10,000 British pounds.
  4. The top 8 teams then qualify for the next round. The top 8 teams are given 15,000 British pounds.
  5. The top 4 teams move ahead for the semifinal stage. These teams are awarded 20,000 British pounds.
  6. The top two teams then move to the finals and these two teams are given  25,000 British pounds.
  7. The runner-up team gets 50,000 British pounds.
  8. The winners get a whopping amount of 100,000 British pounds.