Top 10 Fastest Goals in Football History of All Time

In the Football world scoring the Goal for a team is the only aim to win the Match. However, Scoring goals in few seconds is that possible in soccer? The answer is yes! There is a world record of fastest goals in football history in the quickest time with directly attempting the Goal just as the Kickoff whistle is blown. But hold on we will give you all the information regarding the top 10 fastest goals in football history as we move further.

Yeah, you must be wondering how without a deliberate gameplay and build up the goals are scored in such a quick time. But it has happened many times. So let us take a quick look at the top 10 fastest goals in soccer history.

fastest goals in football history

#10 Kevin Volland (Hoffenheim) 9 Seconds Bundesliga

Just after the Kickoff Bayern Munich pressing the Ball backward in the defense line. With a horrible pass by Bayern Munich Left back David Alaba which gave a chance to Kevin Volland to score just at the 9th second.

#9 Karim Bellarabi (Bayer Leverkusen) 9 Seconds Bundesliga

The Fastest goal in the Bundesliga history coming from the Bayern Leverkusen vs Dortmund game. A Couple of passes and the Ball reaches Karim Bellarabi who didn’t hesitate to go for the Goal. The Bundesliga’s fastest goal record remains 9 seconds.

#8 Paolo Poggi (Piacenza) 8.1 Seconds Serie A

We are talking about the Fastest goal ever scored and can the Italians stay behind? The fastest goal every scored in Italian football was by Paolo Poggi who took full advantage of the Defensive error made by Florentina and just after 8 seconds he busted a handsome goal against Fiorentina back in 2011.

#7 Tim Cahill (NY Red Bull) 8 Seconds MLS

The Australian Striker serves the American side, NY Red Bull . Just after the game starts and presses backward by the defense, fortunately, gives the ball to Tim Cahil just a yard outside the D. While Cahill nails a goal of his life with a mind blowing volley in just 8 seconds.

#6 Seydou Keita (Valencia) 7.66 Seconds La Liga

The Malian International midfielder Seydou Keita scored for Valencia right from the kickoff in the Spanish La Liga game back in 2014 and it took just 7.66 seconds to get the ball in the back of the net. Again a Defensive error lead to the fastest goals in football history.

#5 Ji Xiang (Jiangsu Sainty) 7 Seconds – Chinese Super League

Ji Xiang’s 7.5-second goal was scored back in 2012 when he took advantage of Guangzhou Evergrande shaky defense to put the ball in the back of the net in record 7.5 seconds. Another fastest goal in the Top 10 Fastest Goal Scored in the History of football

#4 Joseba Llorente (Real Valladolid) 7.22 Seconds La Liga

Just a few nanoseconds earlier than Seydou Keita’s goal. Joseba Llorente holds the fastest goal scored in La Liga in 2008. He receives a long looping ball right from the kickoff and took a touch a magical touching chip reaches the back of the net. It is also the fastest goal in top 5 European leagues.

#3 Mike Grella (New York Red Bulls) 7 Seconds – MLS

Mike Grella holds the Fastest goal ever scored record in the MLS League. It took just 7 seconds after the kickoff for Mike Grella of NY Red Bulls to scored against the MLS side the Philadelphia Union. Although this was a Deflection from the Philadelphia defender who favored Mike Grella’s fortunes.

#2 Lukas Podolski (Germany) 6 Seconds – International Friendly

German International striker Lukas Podolski holds the world record of fastest goal ever scored in the history of international football. Podolski scored against Ecuador in the international friendly game back in 2013. FIFA recognize this as the fastest goal in international football.

#1 Damian Mori (Adelaide City) 3.69 Seconds – Australia A-League ( Fastest Goal ever)

Australian International Striker Damian Mori holds the Fastest Goal World record to score in Just 3.69 seconds. However, it’s a record since  1995, Damian Mori chipped the ball long right from the kickoff and got the Sydney United keeper by surprise scoring what was widely recognized as “fastest goals in football history”. This record was also recognized by Guinness book of world records.

Top 10 Fastest Goals in Football History

1 Damie Mori (Adelaide City) 3.69 sec Sydney United (Australia A-League)
2 Lukas Podolski (Germany) 6 sec Ecuador (International Friendly)
3 Ji Xiang (Jiangsu Sainty) 7 sec Guangzhou (Chinese Super League)
4 Mike Grella (NY Red Bulls) 7 sec Philadelphia Union (MLS)
5 Joseba Llorente (Real Valladolid) 7.22 sec Espanyol (Spanish La Liga)
6 Seydou Keita (Valencia) 7.66 sec Almeria (Spanish La Liga)
7 Tim Cahill (NY Red Bulls) 8 sec Houston Dynamo (MLS)
8 Paolo Poggi (Piacenza) 8.1 sec Fiorentina (Italian Serie A)
9 Karim Bellarabi (Bayer Leverkusen) 9 sec Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga)
10 Kevin Volland (Hoffenheim) 9 sec Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)