FIFA bans Lionel Messi four World Cup qualifying games

Argentina did win by 1-0 against Chile but the win cost they Messi for next four World Cup qualifying games. Messi was banned from playing next four matches. “We have to appeal this decision, we’ll see how it goes,” said Jorge Miadosqui, Argentina’s national team’s director.

Argentina captain Messi was given 4-match ban by FIFA for hurling abuse at the referee during the 1-0 win over Chile in the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifiers. Messi performed brilliants in the match as he scored the only goal in the match for Argentina to give them victory over Chile. This is very bad news for the Argentina and Messi fans out there as his absence will be a huge blow in the Argentina’s quest for a berth at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

FIFA has found Messi guilty of violating article 57 of the FIFA disciplinary code for saying insulting words at an assistant referee. In addition to the ban, Messi has also been fined CHF 10,000. This ban will see Messi sit out of next three qualifying games for Argentina along with a friendly against Brazil.

The loss could be very costly for the South American side as he is one of the most vital and inform player in the lineup and his absence would create a huge problem for the Argentina’s manager. The tension goes even further after the poor form of another player especially forward in the Argentina’s lineup.

Messi was not happy with the officials and demonstrated vocally with the referees on more than one occasion. This had made its way into the referee’s report of the match, and now FIFA has served the punishment based on his behaviour in the match. There was a video footage in which it was clearly visible that Messi was abusing the officials.

Argentina is currently in 3rd place in the FIFA 2018 World Cup qualifiers. They are one point behind second-placed Uruguay, and 7 points behind group leaders Brazil. Messi’s absence will put La Albiceleste’s qualifying in jeopardy as other players have struggled in the absence of their star striker.

This action from FIFA sends a strong message to all the footballers in the world that the rule applies to everyone and it does not matter how good and famous footballer you are. If would commit mistake then you will be punished like the other players. This behaviour was not expected by Messi as he is one of the calmest players in the world.