FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) increased the World Cup 2018 prize money pool which is scheduled to take place in Russia. The most recent 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil had a total prize money pool of $576 million performance wise distributed among 32 Qualified teams in the round of 16. The 2014 FIFA WorldCup also introduced $100 player insurance plus $70 million payouts were transacted to the clubs whose players participated in the competition.

The 2014 World Cup Champions, Germany took home $35 million while runners-up Argentina earned a handful of $25 million. Third and fourth place teams made $20 and $18 million respectively in the last world championship. Quarterfinal losing sides earned $14 million, the round of 16 losing teams bagged $9 million. Group stage eliminated 16 sides made $8 Million. All-Time FIFA World Cup Winners List

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

The Prize Money pool is announced before 6 months of the start of the FIFA Football World Cup. announce the confirmed prize money distribution and payments to be made to clubs. World Cup is FIFA’s most important event and 75% of organizations revenue comes from World Cup taking place every four years

So right now there are only speculations as FIFA will only commit to such financial details once the get hold of the tv rights deal and large portion sponsorship opportunities are sold ahead of the big event. Sports Ind estimates that this time, FIFA would probably hike 22% of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize money pool in every category which final amount around $700 million.

SportsInd has created a table which show the difference between expected FIFA World Cup 2018 prize money and 2014 world cup paid money.

FIFA 2018 Prize Money Breakdown

FIFA World Cup Stage 2018 World Cup Prize 2014 World Cup Prize
Preparation Fee for 32 Teams $2.5 Million Each $1.5 Million Each
Group Stage (16 Eliminated Teams) $10 Million Each $8 Million Each
Round of 16 (8 Eliminated Teams) $13 Million Each $9 Million Each
Quarter-Finals (4 Losing Sides) $18 Million Each $14 Million Each
4th Place Team $22 Million $18 Million
3rd Place Team $25 Million $20 Million
Runners-Up $35 Million $25 Million
Winner $50 Million $35 Million
Player Insurance Fees TBA $100 Million
Player by Player Payments to Parent Clubs TBA $70 Million

FIFA World cup 2014 total revenue generated around $2.4 billion through TV rights, $1.5 billion in sponsorships and commercial activities. Although $576 million was the previous 2014 FIFA World Cup Prize money pool, this time, it is estimated around $640 million on the basis of revenue earned from previous World Cup Edition.

The official prize money pool for the 21st edition 2018 world cup Russia, will be announced by FIFA just before 6 months of the beginning of the competition. Hence FIFA can probably announce the FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money pool by December 2017 or early in January 2018. So hold on as we will Update you with the Officially Announced FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money pool as soon it is out.