Hero I-League 2017-18 Schedule, Fixtures & Teams

The I-League 2017-18 schedule (Round 1-16) have been officially announced by the AIFF. India’s first football league is launched with a ceremony in New Delhi on Tuesday, November 21. The tournament will kick off on November 25, 2017 and will conclude on March 6, 2018. The Hero I-League 2017-18 is the 11th Season of the I-League after its inception in the year 2007. I-League 2017 features four new teams -Gokulam Kerala FC from Calicut, Chennai City FC from Tamil Nadu, Neroca FC from Imphal, Manipur and Indian Arrows from Delhi. [I-League 2017 Points Table]

Although the I- League era have the dominance from the teams like Dempo FC, Bengaluru FC, and Mohun Bagan. These Clubs have truly Lifted our nation with pride especially after entering the International competition like the AFC Cup. A total 10 teams are participating in this season representing 9 cities across India. Let’s see the complete full schedule of I-League 2017-18 (Round 16).

I-League 2017-18 Schedule

I-League 2017-18 Schedule & Fixtures

Date Time Home team Away team Venue
25-Nov-17 17:30 Minerva Punjab FC Mohun Bagan Ludhiana
27-Nov-17 17:30 Shillong Lajong FC Gokulam Kerala FC Shillong
28-Nov-17 20:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Aizawl FC Kolkata
TBD TBD Indian Arrows Chennai City FC TBD
1-Dec-17 17:30 Minerva Punjab FC Neroca FC Ludhiana
3-Dec-17 14:00 Mohun Bagan Kingfisher East Bengal Kolkata
4-Dec-17 14:00 Shillong Lajong FC Churchill Brothers Shillong
TBD TBD Indian Arrows Minerva Punjab FC TBD
6-Dec-17 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Chennai City FC Kozhikode
9-Dec-17 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Neroca FC Kozhikode
9-Dec-17 17:30 Kingfisher East Bengal Shillong Lajong FC Kolkata
10-Dec-17 14:00 Mohun Bagan Churchill Brothers Kolkata
11-Dec-17 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Chennai City FC Ludhiana
13-Dec-17 14:00 Aizawl FC Churchill Brothers Aizawl
14-Dec-17 17:30 Mohun Bagan Shillong Lajong FC Kolkata
15-Dec-17 14:00 Neroca FC Chennai City FC Imphal
16-Dec-17 17:30 Kingfisher East Bengal Churchill Brothers Kolkata
18-Dec-17 14:00 Aizawl FC Shillong Lajong FC Aizawl
18-Dec-17 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Indian Arrows Ludhiana
19-Dec-17 14:00 Mohun Bagan Neroca FC Kolkata
19-Dec-17 20:00 Churchill Brothers Chennai City FC Goa
22-Dec-17 14:00 Indian Arrows Gokulam Kerala FC Delhi
22-Dec-17 17:30 Shillong Lajong FC Neroca FC Shillong
23-Dec-17 14:00 Chennai City FC Kingfisher East Bengal Coimbatore
26-Dec-17 17:30 Indian Arrows Shillong Lajong FC Delhi
26-Dec-17 20:00 Churchill Brothers Mohun Bagan Goa
27-Dec-17 14:00 Aizawl FC Minerva Punjab FC Aizawl
27-Dec-17 20:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Gokulam Kerala FC Kolkata
29-Dec-17 17:30 Mohun Bagan Indian Arrows Kolkata
30-Dec-17 14:00 Neroca FC Kingfisher East Bengal Imphal
30-Dec-17 17:30 Churchill Brothers Minerva Punjab FC Goa
31-Dec-17 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Aizawl FC Kozhikode
2-Jan-18 20:00 Mohun Bagan Chennai City FC Kolkata
2-Jan-18 14:00 Indian Arrows Kingfisher East Bengal Delhi
5-Jan-18 14:00 Neroca FC Indian Arrows Imphal
5-Jan-18 17:30 Shillong Lajong FC Chennai City FC Shillong
6-Jan-18 14:00 Churchill Brothers Kingfisher East Bengal Goa
6-Jan-18 17:30 Gokulam Kerala FC Minerva Punjab FC Kozhikode
7-Jan-18 14:00 Mohun Bagan Aizawl FC Kolkata
8-Jan-18 20:00 Shillong Lajong FC Indian Arrows Shillong
9-Jan-18 20:00 Chennai City FC Neroca FC Coimbatore
10-Jan-18 17:30 Mohun Bagan Minerva Punjab FC Kolkata
12-Jan-18 17:30 Gokulam Kerala FC Indian Arrows Kozhikode
13-Jan-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Chennai City FC Aizawl
13-Jan-18 17:30 Kingfisher East Bengal Mohun Bagan Kolkata
14-Jan-18 14:00 Shillong Lajong FC Minerva Punjab FC Shillong
15-Jan-18 20:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Churchill Brothers Kozhikode
16-Jan-18 20:00 Indian Arrows Neroca FC Delhi
19-Jan-18 17:30 Churchill Brothers Shillong Lajong FC Goa
20-Jan-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Neroca FC Aizawl
20-Jan-18 17:30 Gokulam Kerala FC Mohun Bagan Kozhikode
21-Jan-18 14:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Minerva Punjab FC Kolkata
22-Jan-18 20:00 Churchill Brothers Indian Arrows Goa
23-Jan-18 14:00 Neroca FC Shillong Lajong FC Imphal
25-Jan-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Mohun Bagan Aizawl
27-Jan-18 14:00 Neroca FC Minerva Punjab FC Imphal
27-Jan-18 17:30 Chennai City FC Indian Arrows Coimbatore
28-Jan-18 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Shillong Lajong FC Kozhikode
29-Jan-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Kingfisher East Bengal Aizawl
30-Jan-18 14:00 Churchill Brothers Neroca FC Goa
3-Feb-18 14:00 Chennai City FC Aizawl FC Coimbatore
3-Feb-18 17:30 Shillong Lajong FC Mohun Bagan Shillong
4-Feb-18 14:00 Neroca FC Gokulam Kerala FC Imphal
5-Feb-18 20:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Indian Arrows Kolkata
6-Feb-18 17:30 Churchill Brothers Aizawl FC Goa
6-Feb-18 20:00 Chennai City FC Mohun Bagan Coimbatore
10-Feb-18 14:00 Neroca FC Aizawl FC Imphal
10-Feb-18 17:30 Indian Arrows Churchill Brothers Delhi
11-Feb-18 14:00 Chennai City FC Shillong Lajong FC Coimbatore
12-Feb-18 20:00 Mohun Bagan Gokulam Kerala FC Kolkata
13-Feb-18 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Kingfisher East Bengal Ludhiana
14-Feb-18 14:00 Neroca FC Churchill Brothers Imphal
16-Feb-18 17:30 Indian Arrows Aizawl FC Delhi
17-Feb-18 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Kingfisher East Bengal Kozhikode
17-Feb-18 17:30 Chennai City FC Churchill Brothers Coimbatore
18-Feb-18 14:00 Neroca FC Mohun Bagan Imphal
19-Feb-18 20:00 Shillong Lajong FC Aizawl FC Shillong
20-Feb-18 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Gokulam Kerala FC Ludhiana
23-Feb-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Indian Arrows Aizawl
23-Feb-18 17:30 Minerva Punjab FC Shillong Lajong FC Ludhiana
24-Feb-18 17:30 Kingfisher East Bengal Chennai City FC Kolkata
25-Feb-18 14:00 Churchill Brothers Gokulam Kerala FC Goa
26-Feb-18 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Aizawl FC Ludhiana
27-Feb-18 20:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Neroca FC Kolkata
TBD 17:30 Chennai City FC Minerva Punjab FC Coimbatore
TBD 14:00 Aizawl FC Gokulam Kerala FC Aizawl
TBD 17:30 Indian Arrows Mohun Bagan Delhi
TBD 14:00 Shillong Lajong FC Kingfisher East Bengal Shillong
TBD 20:00 Chennai City FC Gokulam Kerala FC Coimbatore
TBD 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Churchill Brothers Ludhiana

Sporting Clube de Goa and Dempo SC decided to withdraw their names from the tournament and Churchill is the only team of Goa. As per I-League 2017 schedule, the first Kolkata derby between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan is scheduled to take place on 12 February.

The season displayed 72 matches in the league and in total 186 Goals were scored. Ranti Martins turned out to be the top goalscorer for I-League 2016 season with 12 goals. India Football Federation that on May 2016 or we could say Season 2017-18 will be named as League One

The I-League was earlier known as the National Football League also popular as the NFL league in India. However, the National Football League is played since 1996 dominated by the Football Giants East Bengal and Mohun Bagan in the early years. Currently, Hero is the Official title Sponsor of the I-League 2017 Season. Henceforth we will completely provide you the Hero I-League 2017-18 Schedule.

Hero I-League 2017-18 Teams

Kolkata has two I-League teams in the competition, East Bengal, and Mohun Bagan is the two teams that Represents Kolkata in the I-League. Similarly, two teams from Maharashtra i.e DSK Shivajians from Pune and Mumbai FC. Two Teams from Goa i.e Salgaocar as well as Sporting Goa  are the teams that belong from the same Geographical province.

Although Aizawl FC from Mizoram, Shillong Lajong from Meghalaya, and Bengaluru FC from Karnataka are the solo representers of their representative State. Here we present you All the I-League 2017 Season Teams list.

Team Location Home venue Capacity
Aizawl Aizawl (Mizoram) Rajiv Gandhi Stadium 20,000
Bengaluru FC Bengaluru(Karnataka) Sree Kanteerava Stadium 24,000
DSK Shivajians Pune (Maharashtra) Balewadi Sports Complex 12,000
East Bengal Kolkata (West Bengal) Salt Lake Stadium
Barasat Stadium
Kanchenjunga Stadium
Mohun Bagan Kolkata (West Bengal) Salt Lake Stadium
Barasat Stadium
Mumbai Mumbai(Maharashtra) Cooperage Football Stadium 5,000
Salgaocar Vasco (Goa) Tilak Maidan (Vasco) 12,000
Shillong Lajong Shillong (Meghalaya) Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Shillong) 30,000
Sporting Goa Panjim (Goa) Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Goa)  19,000

I-League Competition Format

Currently, the Hero I-league has 11 teams but the previous season there were 13 clubs in the I-League. Each club is supposed to face each other twice during the season, once at home and the other away from home. The team receives three points per victory while both teams gain one point if they draw. A loser is not awarded any points. At the end of the season, the team with the most points wins the league.

AFC Qualification

The Clubs from the Hero I-League officially participates in the AFC Cup which is an international tournament. Previously From 2007 to 2011, the champions of the past I-League seasons were eligible to play in a qualifier for the AFC Champions League. Furthermore, from 2011 to 2013 no I-League club is Eligible to play in a qualifier. However, Pune in 2014 successfully passed the AFC Licensing Criteria. However, to this day, no I-League has actually qualified for the AFC Champions League.