Italian Serie A TV Rights & Prize Money Distribution 2017

Italian Serie A TV Rights & Prize Money 2017-18: Italian Serie A is one of the top football league in the world. This league features on the best teams in the world like Juventus, who is the finalist of 2017 champions league, Inter Milan, Napoli, Milan and much more. These teams not only perform well in this league but also in the bigger tournament like champions league, Europa league. The matches are highly competitive in this league. The teams in these league are so strong that they could easily beat the teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United.

The prime reason for this popularity is the fact that Italy has the rich history of Football. They have dominated the football arena for a long time and are the second most successful team after Brazil. They have won the prestigious world cup 4 times.

Italian Serie A TV Rights & Prize Money

Italian Serie A TV Rights Money Distribution

The large popularity means large money being thrown on the players. This is true in the case of Serie A also. There are many sponsors that pay the hefty amount to the teams for the promotion of their brand. Sky Italia and Media set paid a total of 2.82 billion euro for the three years for the TV rights. The overseas deal will bring more than 400 million euro. It is expected that the governing body will have more than 1.4 billion euro to distribute among the 20 clubs participating in the league.

Distribution of TV rights money

The TV rights money distribution is the little complex in Italian Serie A than the English premier league or some other European league. Let’s have a look at how the money is distributed among the teams:

1.    Domestic TV rights money: The distribution of domestic TV rights money is as follows.

  1. 40% of the total money is distributed equally among the 20 teams participating in the league. This means that each club would get more than 17 million euro per season.
  2. 30% of the total money is distributed on the basis of club’s appeal in Italy. In this 30%, the first 25% is based on the supports base of each club and the rest 5% is on the basis of the population area of the club.
  3. The 30% of the total money is distributed on the basis of the position in the league. Out the 30%, the first 15% is based on the league position in last 5 years and the remaining 15% is on the basis of the league position last year.

2.    Overseas TV rights: The distribution of overseas TV rights are

  1. 40% of the total money is distributed equally among the teams.
  2. The rest 60% is divided among the top 10 teams according to how they finish in the points table.

But the question is how much Serie A clubs earns? To answer this here is the Italian Serie A TV rights money distribution table (via

Italian Serie A Prize Money Distribution 2017

Clubs Total Equal Ooverseas Rights Resource Historic Result
Juventus  €122.8m  €16.2m €33m €51.1m €22.5m
Napoli  €88.9m €16.2m €33m €22.7m €17.9m
Fiorentina  €75.8m €16.2m €33m €9.6m €17m
AS Roma  €83.4m €16.2m €24m €23.9 €19.3m
Inter Milan €94.8m €16.2m €24m €34.2 €20.4m
AC Milan €96.5m €16.2m €24m €34.9 €21.4m
Lazio  €68m €16.2m €20,4m €15.6m €15.8m
Sassuolo  €40.1m €16.2m €18,6m €2.4m €2.9m
Empoli  €36m €16.2m €15m €1.9m €2.9m
Bologna  €44.3m €16.2m €15m €5m €8.1m
Chievo  €31.7m €16.2m €6m €3.4m €6.1m
Torino  €40.9m €16.2m €6m €7.9m €10.8m
Atalanta  €33.5m €16.2m €6m €2.8m €8.5m
Udinese €38.8m €16.2m €6m €3.7m €12.9m
Palermo €39.5m €16.2m €6m €5.6m €11.7m
Genoa  €37.9m €16.2m €6m €4.6m €11.1m
Sampdoria  €37.2m €16.2m €6m €4.3m €10.7m
Frosinone  €25.3m €16.2m €6m €2.1m €1m
Carpi €25.2m €16.2m €6m €2.2m €1m
Verona  €30.6m €16.2m €6m €2.6m €5.8m