Juventus vs Barcelona Highlights: Juve blank Barca in UCL masterclass

Juventus played the draw against Barcelona at the Camp Nou on Tuesday night, in the second leg of the quarterfinal match in the champions league. The final scoreline after the match was 0-0 as the not team was able to break through. Juventus are now the third team to move to the semifinals of the competition as they had already won the first leg in their own home ground.

They had beaten Barcelona by 3-0 in the first leg which proved to be very crucial in the second leg. The loss for Barcelona can be seen as an end of an era. The Barcelona coach Luis Enrique would leave the club after this season. There are many players that club is going to let go and some new players to replace them. Get the Juventus vs Barcelona highlights of 2nd leg.

Juventus vs Barcelona Highlights

Juventus 0-0 Barcelona Highlights Video


The sheer intensity and hard work of Barcelona could be easily seen in the second leg. They were hoping for the miracle that happened against PSG to repeat but they forgot that they were up against Juventus, not PSG. Juventus did not make the same mistakes as PSG did in the second leg. They focused on their defence and did not allow any free shots for Barcelona players. Their marking was also very good as there was very less opportunity created by the Barcelona players.

It could be clearly seen that Juventus’s intention was not to score the goal. They were happy defending the goal. Barcelona did create some good opportunity in the match but was denied by the strong defence everytime they went in the Juventus’s box.

The match started at a very high pace Barcelona looked to quickly get on the scoreboard. They made some good moves in the initial phase of the game. It looked like Barcelona are going to fight back and maybe go pass through Juventus. But, as the time passed Juventus got settled in the match.

They looked slightly nervous in the initial phases as there were some very casual mistakes made the players. But, once they get settled they did not give any opportunity to have a clear shot on goal. They marked Messi, Neymar very well as they knew these are the players who are potential threats to Juventus.

The credit should go to Barcelona also as they tried their best to break Juventus defence but Juventus were too good. It was one of the matches where Juventus played a beautiful defensive game. The dedication and hopes of Barcelona players shattered after the final whistle of the match.

The dictation could be indicated by the fact that there were tears in the eyes of Messi and Neymar after they failed to help their team to move to the next round. With his defeat, Juventus also took the revenge of the loss that they suffered at the hands of Barcelona in the final.

Now, it remains to be seen that what Barcelona management does with the team. But, one thing is for sure that this could be seen as the end of an era for Barcelona.