Football League Cup Winners List (1961-2016)

The Football League Cup originated since 1960 and held its first season tournament from the Year 1960-61. Currently, in the Present time because of unavailability of potential Sponsors the Football League Cup is Rebranded as the EFL Cup (English Football League) in 2016. We have placed the complete Football League Cup winners list below.

Previously it was named as the Capital One Cup for Four successive Seasons 2012/13, 2013/14,2014/15 and 2015/16 Seasons consecutively because of the Sponsorship Granted by the American Bank Capital One. As we provide you the Football League Cup Winners List (1961-2016) Let’s first check out what is the competition format and the tournament Sponsors from the Past.

Football League Cup Winners


The Football League Cup also now known as the EFL Cup is open to all the 92 members of the Premier League as well as English Football League from the Championship, League One and League Two division 2 and division 3 leagues. Furthermore, the EFL Cup is divided in total seven rounds, organized so that 32 teams remain by the third round. Although Since 1996–97, English teams who qualified for the European competition for the current season directly gets a third-round bye. All the Football League Cup Matches in all rounds are single-legged. However, the semi-finals are two-legged including the Home as well as Away goal rule since the competition started.

Football League Cup Sponsors

Since 1981 the Football League Cup got commercialized by its first ever Official Sponsors were the Milk marketing company for 1981/82 Season it came to be known as the Milk Cup. While From 1992-1998, overall six Football League Cup seasons were sponsored by Worlds leading Soft drink company Coca-cola henceforth it was named as the Coca Cola Cup at that Period.

However, they were recently sponsored by the American National Bank firm the Capital-One for 2012/13, 2013/14,2014/15 Seasons. Here you can take a look at the Sponsors of the Football League Cup competition till now.

Period Sponsor Name
1960/61–1980/81 No main sponsor Football League Cup
1981/82–1985/86 Milk Marketing Board Milk Cup
1986/87–1989/90 Littlewoods Littlewoods Challenge Cup
1990/91–1991/92 Rumbelows Rumbelows Cup
1992/93–1997/98 Coca-Cola[18] Coca-Cola Cup
1998/99–2002/03 Worthington’s[19] Worthington Cup
2003/04–2011/12 Molson Coors[20] Carling Cup
2012/13–2015/16 Capital One[21] Capital One Cup
2016/17– No main sponsor EFL Cup

EFL Past Winners

Liverpool holds the maximum number of Football League Cup trophies by winning it eight times and being a runner-up four times ever since its inception. While Aston Villa and Chelsea has won the EFL Cup 5 times each. Whereas Aston Villa is three times Runner-up while Chelsea is two times Runner-Up in this competition. The Last Decade is purely dominated by Manchester United winning the EFL Cup four times in the year 1992, 2006, 2009, 2010 and were the Runner-up for 1983, 1991, 1994, 2003. Let’s take at the list of look at the Football League Cup winners.

Football League Cup Winners List (1961-2016)

Year Winner Country
2016 Manchester City England
2015 Chelsea FC England
2014 Manchester City England
2013 Swansea City Wales
2012 Liverpool FC England
2011 Birmingham City England
2010 Manchester United England
2009 Manchester United England
2008 Tottenham Hotspur England
2007 Chelsea FC England
2006 Manchester United England
2005 Chelsea FC England
2004 Middlesbrough FC England
2003 Liverpool FC England
2002 Blackburn Rovers England
2001 Liverpool FC England
2000 Leicester City England
1999 Tottenham Hotspur England
1998 Chelsea FC England
1997 Leicester City England
1996 Aston Villa England
1995 Liverpool FC England
1994 Aston Villa England
1993 Arsenal FC England
1992 Manchester United England
1991 Sheffield Wednesday England
1990 Nottingham Forest England
1989 Nottingham Forest England
1988 Luton Town England
1987 Arsenal FC England
1986 Oxford United England
1985 Norwich City England
1984 Liverpool FC England
1983 Liverpool FC England
1982 Liverpool FC England
1981 Liverpool FC England
1980 Wolverhampton Wanderers England
1979 Nottingham Forest England
1978 Nottingham Forest England
1977 Aston Villa England
1976 Manchester City England
1975 Aston Villa England
1974 Wolverhampton Wanderers England
1973 Tottenham Hotspur England
1972 Stoke City England
1971 Tottenham Hotspur England
1970 Manchester City England
1969 Swindon Town England
1968 Leeds United England
1967 Queens Park Rangers England
1966 West Bromwich Albion England
1965 Chelsea FC England
1964 Leicester City England
1963 Birmingham City England
1962 Norwich City England
1961 Aston Villa England