Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea Highlights and Recap

Manchester United thrashed league leader Chelsea 2-0 in the Premier League on Sunday, April 16 in a highly contested match between these two sides. In this match, Mourinho was up against his former club Chelsea but he showed the world that those days are long gone and now he is the coach of Manchester United. This win gave three valuable points to Manchester United who now moves to the 5th position in the points table.

On the other hand, this loss makes the title race more interesting. Chelsea dropping three points means Tottenham are only 4 points behind the league leaders. This loss is a huge setback for Conte who was thinking that Chelsea is going to win the title easily. But, now they can not afford to lose any more match or even play draw as they could lose the top spot in the points table. This thing becomes more crucial with only 6 games remaining in the league for each team.

Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea Highlights

Tottenham fans will be happy with this loss of Chelsea as they can now sniff the top spot. Tottenham coach had already told his players and fans to be ready in case Chelsea drops any points and Chelsea did exactly that. Another thing that is in the favour of Tottenham id their goal difference is much superior that Chelsea which gives them an upper hand in case both the teams are levelled at the points at the end of the league.

Chelsea played horribly in the match. They started the match in a very bad fashion as they gave lots of ball in the midfield. It was seeming like that Chelsea player were ready for the challenge. On the other hand, Manchester United players were looking confident and more determined to win the game.

They were in desperate need for three points and that was easily reflected in the aggression shown by the Manchester United players. This forced Chelsea to commit lots of fouls. They also caught Chelsea on counter attacks lots of time. The poor performance from Chelsea could be guessed from the fact that they were not able to land any prolific shot on the Manchester United goal.

United’s star player was Andre Herera who scored one goal in the match and assisted the second goal. He was unstoppable in the match as Chelsea’s defender were not able to mark him in the entire match. He made many crucial passes in Chelsea’s half that made the mockery of Chelsea’s high line defence.

Manchester United struck the first goal in the first half. The goal was the result of the fantastic pass from Andre Herera. United struck again in the second half as they this time Herera slammed another goal in 50th minute in the match.

Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea Highlights Video

Now, the title race becomes more interesting as Tottenham are just 4 points behind the league leader. If Conte’s team fail to win any match in the next 6 games then they could lose the top position to Tottenham.