Manchester United Fixtures 2016-17 in IST (Indian Time & Date)

One of the most popular football clubs in the world, Manchester United is all set for the English Premier League, with great club history Manchester United has something to prove this season as they have the master tactician Jose Mourinho. Bringing Paul Pogba back to Manchester United and pursuing the Sweedish international superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the club as a free agent is the best summer signing so far. The Manchester United fixtures 2016-17 listed below are in IST (Indian Standard Time).

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Red Devils are all set to rise with a bright new season and with the Responsibilities of great players, comes a sense of belongingness. So all the Manchester United Fans there alive march out louder ‘ Manchester United will never die”. Here is the complete schedule of Manchester United Fixtures 2016-17 according to Indian Standard Time (IST).

Manchester United Fixtures 2016-17 (IST)

August 13 pm Bournemouth (A)

August 20 7.30 pm IST Southampton (H)

August 27 7.30 pm IST Hull City (A)

September 10 7.30 pm IST Manchester City (H)

September 17 7.30 pm IST Watford (A)

September 24 7.30 pm IST Leicester City (H)

October 1 7.30 pm IST Stoke City (H)

October 15 7.30 pm IST Liverpool (A)

October 22 7.30 pm IST Chelsea (A)

October 29 7.30 pm IST Burnley (H)

November 5 7.30 pm IST Swansea City (A)

November 19 7.30 pm IST Arsenal (H)

November 26 7.30 pm IST West Ham United (H)

December 3 7.30 pm IST Everton (A)

December 10 7.30 pm IST Tottenham (H)

December 14 12:30 am IST Crystal Palace (A)

December 17 7.30 pm IST West Brom (A)

December 26 7.30 pm IST Sunderland (H)

December 317.30 pm IST Middlesbrough (H)

January 2 7.30 pm IST West Ham United (A)

January 14 7.30 pm IST Liverpool (H)

January 21 7.30 pm IST Stoke City (A)

February 1 7.30 pm IST Hull City (H)

February 4 7.30 pm ISTLeicester City (A)

February 117.30 pm IST Watford (H)

February 25 7.30 pm ISTManchester City (A)

March 4 7.30 pm ISTBournemouth (H)

March 11 7.30 pm IST Southampton (A)

March 187.30 pm IST Middlesbrough (A)

April 1 7.30 pm IST West Brom (H)

April 5 12:30 am IST Everton (H)

April 8 7.30 pm IST Sunderland (A)

April 15 7.30 pm ISTChelsea (H)

April 22 7.30 pm IST Burnley (A)

April 29 7.30 pm IST Swansea City (H)

May 6 7.30 pm IST Arsenal (A)

May 13 7.30 pm IST Tottenham (A)

May 21 7.30 pm IST Crystal Palace (H)