Manchester Utd kit 2017/18 Released: Photos, Prices & Where to buy

Manchester United has released the players Kit for the 2017-18 season. This is the chance for all the United fans to get their hands on their teams kit as soon as possible. The kit has been changed completely from the last season. The Manchester Utd kit 2017/18 looks black and classy in appearance and somehow reminds the 1992’s away Kit of Manchester united.

As far as the design of the new Kit is concerned, Chevrolet has replaced Sharp as the kit sponsor. The white and the blue color of the Kit has been changed to the black backdrop with little white hues. The Adidas logo has also been changed. The new looks give the more vintage look than the old Kit.

Manchester Utd kit 2017/18

Manchester United club said, ” Manchester United fans of all the ages will recognize the bold graphic pattern from the 1990- 92 as the away jersey that defined the football shirt design era.”

The club further added, ” Connecting the past to the future, the new Kit pays homage to the historic design which celebrates the rich history of the club.”

There are many new and unique features in the jersey that will impress you. This jersey maybe from the past but it does not feel old. The new crew-neck collar adds to the new looks of the jersey. The new jersey gives the strong feeling while playing on the pitch. The Manchester Utd kit 2017/18 also includes the breathable fabrics and mesh engineering that add to the durability of the jersey

Price of the Manchester Utd kit 2017/18:

Short sleeve Long sleeve Shorts
Men’s kits $90 $100 $45
Women’s kits $80
Baby kit $54
Kids’ kits $70 $90 $40

Where to buy Manchester United 2017-18 Kit?

All the fans who want to get their hands on the Manchester United 2017-18 kit can but from Adidas store or the United Direct. The kit will be available online from Wednesday, 10th May 2017.

Manchester United has changed the jersey after yet another unsuccessful season. The new jersey gives the feel of 1992, the time in which United was one of the dangerous sides in the league. They dominated the league in those time. This is a good strategy by the United owners as they want to indicate the players and the fans that United will like the vintage United. This is also a strong message to all the other clubs.

Now, we will have to wait until the next season to see how this new jersey brings the change in the United’s fortune.