Premier League 2017 Prize Money Breakdown

Premier League 2017 Prize Money Breakdown: English Premier league is one of the most popular league in the world. The competition that one can see in this league is now where else to be found. In this league few of the best teams in Europe takes part and the fight between them draws a lot of attention. The competition is so intense that even the best team in this league could lose the match to some low ranked team. The quality of football in this league draws a lot of fans.

With a large number of fans comes a large amount of money from the investors. There are many investors that invest a lot of money in this league. Also, because of a large number of fans that come to see this match, there is a large amount of money generated by the sales of the tickets.

Premier League 2017 Prize Money

The 2016-17 season of the premier league is going to set a new record in terms of the revenue earned as this year the competition have become more intense. The popularity of premier league has reached in countries like India. Last year SkySports and BT Sports signed a massive deal of £5.136 billion which gave them the broadcasting rights of Premier League in the United Kingdom for the next three years.

The total TV income from all parts of the world adds to more than £8.5 billion for next three season. This money is so large that even the club that finishes at the bottom position will get more that 100 million in one season.

Premier League 2017 Prize Money Pool

The prize money pool for 2016-17 season of premier league will be around  £2.5 billion. This enormous money means that all the clubs will get more money that they used to get in previous seasons. Let’s see the distribution of this prize money-

  1. Domestic TV rights will give the total amount of £1.8 billion.
    1. Now, in this 50% of the total money will be dived equally between all the teams.
    2. The next 25% of the total money will be divided on the basis of the final positions of the team in the league table.
    3. The last 25% of the total money will be divided on the basis of the how many times teams match was shown live.
  2. Overseas Money will account for more than £1 billion.
    1. All the overseas money will be divided equally between all the teams in the league.

There is a large amount of money that each club will earn this season which means that next season we could expect tougher competition that this year. And this amount is only going to increase in the future as the popularity will increase.

Premier League 2016-17 Prize Money Table (Not Confirmed)

1 Chelsea £85m £40m £25m (25 matches) £150m
2 Tottenham
£85m £38m £22m (22 matches) £145m
3 Liverpool
£85m £36m £25m (25 matches) £146m
4 Manchester City £85m £34m £23m (23 matches) £142m
5 Arsenal
£85m £32m £25m (25 matches) £142m
6 Manchester United £85m £30m £27m (27 matches) £142m
7 Everton £85m £28m £17m (17 matches) £130m
8 Watford £85m £26m £12m (12 matches) £123m
9 Burnley
£85m £24m £10m (10 matches) £119m
10 Southampton £85m £22m £14m (14 matches) £121m
11 West Brom £85m £20m £10m (10 matches) £115m
12 Stoke City £85m £18m £12m (12 matches) £115m
13 Bournemouth £85m £16m £10m (9 matches) £111m
14 Leicester City £85m £14m £17m (17 matches) £116m
15 Middlesbrough £85m £12m £10m (10 matches) £107m
16 Crystal Palace £85m £10m £11m (11 matches) £106m
17 West Ham £85m £8m £15m (15 matches) £108m
18 Hull City £85m £6m £10m (9 matches) £101m
19 Swansea City £85m £4m £10m (10 matches) £99m
20 Sunderland
£85m £2m £11m (11 matches) £98m