Premier League Referees Appointments & Salary 2017

Premier League Referees 2017-18: There are many great footballers in the world who have some brilliant skills that stop the breath of the people. They put everything on the pitch in a game and try to win the game for their side. We follow the players because of the hard work and commitment that they show on the field. But, we always ignore one person that also works very hard in ensuring that the game is played in the right spirit, it’s the referees.

Referees work tirelessly in the entire match and have to put a lot of concentration during each game. They have to make sure that the game is played in the right spirit. They also have a huge responsibility on their shoulders of giving the right decision which is a daunting task. These referees understand that one decision could change the whole outcome of the came so they have to be alert all the time.

Appointment of Referees in the Premier League?

Generally, the referees’ appointment for premier league games is revealed a couple days before the match date. Here is the list of all the Premier League referees.


Premier League Referees List for Season 2017

No.  Name of the Referee Age Appointment date Affiliations
1 Martin Atkinson  43 2005 FIFA
2 Mark Clattenburg  39 2004 FIFA, UEFA
3 Mike Dean  46 2001 UEFA
4 Phil Dowd  51 2001 UEFA
5 Roger East  49 2013 UEFA
6 Chris Foy  52 2001
7 Kevin Friend  43 2009 UEFA
8 Mike Jones  46 2008 UEFA
9 Robert Madley  29 2013
10 Andre Marriner  44 2005 FIFA
11 Lee Mason  43 2006
12 Jonathan Moss  44 2011
13 Michael Oliver 29 2010 FIFA
14 Craig Pawson  35 2013 FIFA
15 Lee Probert  42 2007 FIFA
16 Neil Swarbrick 49 2011
17 Anthony Taylor  36 2010 FIFA

The amount of concentration shown by the referees is incredible. The same is the case in the premier league. There is a total of 20 teams that takes part in the premier league and each team plays 38 matches. This means that there is the need for many referees. The referees have not only the responsibility of giving the right judgment but also to ensure that the game is played in a fair manner.

Sometimes, they have to take the calls that may appear harsh on television replay. Because of these decisions, they have to suffer a lot of criticism. There are many people who condemn referee for the loss but they forget one fact that this referee has to make the decision in the real-time. They do not have the facility of the TV replays. They have to give their decision right at that moment so they analyze each factor and try to give the right judgment. So, each football fans should salute these referees because of whom we are able to see the teams playing the game in a fair manner.


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  2. Patrick Gatjang Joak