Premier League Club’s Wage Bills 2016-17

Premier League, England’s Primary Football competition most watched Football League of the world. Can you guess which Team is leading the highest English Premier League club’s Wage Bills 2016-17 list? If not then don’t worry all your doubts will get clear with our EPL clubs salaries list given below. The Citizens Manchester City has the highest wage bill for the 2016/17 Season with £ 225 million wage bill budget.

Moreover, with  broadcasters in 212 Nation to 643 million homes, and a massive TV audience of 4.7 billion viewers are its Fanbase. However, the average Match attendance for 2015-16 Premier League season followed to be 39,000 whereas Bundesliga is lively watched with 47,000 average attendance fans.

Premier League Club's Wage Bills

Both the Manchester teams have pushed Chelsea behind for the 2016/17 Wage Bill. Although previously Chelsea had the highest Wage Bill for the 2015/16 premier league season with £215 million ( $280). Meanwhile, both Manchester United and Manchester City has earned huge amount of money in the 2016 Summer Transfer Window.

Premier League Teams Revenue (2016-17 Season)

2015/16 Champions Leicester City had an increase in the Wage Bill Budget after winning the Premier League Title. The Foxes wage bill increased from £48.2 million to £66m now for the 2016/17 Premier League Season. Meanwhile, Manchester City has the Highest Premier League Wage Bill for the 2016/17 Season. The Citizens hold a Premier League Record wage bill of  £225m a year for Player Salaries, Transfers and bonus performance.

Whereas Manchester United had a rise in their Wage Bill from £203m last year to club record £220.8m in 206-17 season. Premier League’s main source of earning is the TV rights which also broke all the TV rights Record across the Europe. TV rights deal for 2016-2019 to Generate £5 billion from domestic UK rights. While the foreign rights to increase for next three years and reach £8.5 billion which will double from the past tv rights deals.

Premier League Club’s Wage Bills 2016/17

# Clubs  2014-15  2015-16  2016-17
1 Manchester City £205m £193.8m £225m
2 Manchester United £215.8m £203m £220.8m
3 Chelsea £192.7m £215.6m £218m
4 Arsenal £180.4m £192m £200.5m
5 Liverpool £144m £152m £165.6m
6 Tottenham  £100.4m £110.5m £121.2m
7 Everton  £69.3m £74.7m £83m
8 West Ham United £63.9m £69.5m £79.8m
9 Stoke City £60.6m £72.3m £75.9m
10 Sunderland  £69.5m £71m £68.3m
11 Leicester City   £36.6m £48.2m £66m
12 West Bromwich  £65.4m £68.5m £65m
13 Southampton  £55.2m £59.5m £63.6m
14 Swansea City £48.1m £51m £59m
15 Crystal Palace   £45.7m £54.3m £55m
16 Watford £29m £41m
17 Bournemouth £25m £34m
18 Middlesbrough £34m 
19 Burnley £29m £33m
20 Hull City £34m £25m

From the 2013/14 Premier League Season, it started earning an excessive profit of £78 million above all the Football Leagues of the World. Furthermore, with the new television deals Premier League Clubs are getting an increased profit share per match. The Premier League Club’s Wage Bills 2016/17 season showed an increase in every club’s wage budget from the previous year. However, few percentage from the Sponsorship Kit deals and official Jersey sales is also a source of income for the Team Management to include such revenue in the Wage Bill.