Spanish La Liga Prize Money 2016-17

Spanish La Liga Prize Money 2017: Spanish Football league which is popularly known as BBVA la Liga is considered to be one of the best league in the world. This league features two of the best teams in the world i.e. Real Madrid and Barcelona. Real Madrid has won the champions league record 11 times and Barcelona has managed to lift it 5 times. If you combine both the clubs they could form one of the best team to ever play the game of Football.

Real Madrid has Christiano Ronaldo, who is the highest earning football player in the world. On the other hand, Barcelona has Messi who is the second highest earning player in the world. It means that this is league is full of big money. Also Read: Premier League Prize Money

La Liga signed a new TV rights deal which will increase the club’s income more. In the previous distribution model, the big clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona were making more than 140 million pounds whereas low ranked teams were getting less than 20 million pounds. This created lots of imbalance in the league as the low ranked team was struggling with their financial problem.

But, the la Liga organization has decided to sort this one and they have made some major changes to the distribution model. This new distribution model will be more balanced and lower ranked team will also be able to make the good amount of money. Telefonica and Movistar bought the domestic TV rights for 1.89 billion pounds for 3 years. Media pro also invested 750 million for three years. La Liga governing council merged both the local TV rights money and the international TV rights money. Now let’s see the distribution of this amount-

Spanish La Liga Prize Money 2016-17 Distribution

  •  The 10% of the total money will be given to division 2 teams. This will help the small teams to produce young and brilliant talents.
  • The remaining 90% of the money will be distributed among the teams in la Liga.
    a.    50 % of the remaining money will be distributed equally among the 20 teams in la Liga.
    b.    25% of the amount will be distributed among the clubs on the basis of their position in last 5 years.
    c.    25% of the amount will be given to the club on the basis of the resource generating capacity and the fan base.

With this new system, the bottom ranked teams will also make more than 50 million pounds while the top ranked teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid will continue to make more than 150 million pounds.

Spanish La Liga Prize Money 2017

1 Real Madrid €50m €40m + €60m €150m
2 FC Barcelona €50m €38m + €60m €148m
3 Atletico Madrid €50m €36m + €30m €116m
4 Sevilla €50m €34m + €25m €109m
5 Villarreal €50m €32m + €20m €102m
6 Athletic Bilbao €50m €30m + €15m €95m
7 Real Sociedad €50m €28m + €20m €98m
8 Eibar €50m €26m + €18m €94m
9 Alaves €50m €24m + €20m €94m
10 Espanyol €50m €22m + €16m €88m
11 Malaga €50m €20m + €15m €85m
12 Valencia €50m €18m + €20m €88m
13 Celta Vigo €50m €16m + €15m €81m
14 Las Palmas €50m €14m + €15m €79m
15 Real Betis €50m €12m + €12m €74m
16 Leganes €50m €10m + €20m €80m
17 Deportivo Coruna €50m €8m + €18m €76m
18 Sporting Gijon €50m €6m + €12m €68m
19 Osasuna €50m €4m + €9m €63m
20 Granada €50m €2m + € 10m €62m