Top Selling Football Players & Clubs Jerseys in the World

The craze of players in the world of football has increased so much in the past few years with Soccer and business having a co-relation with each other. It’s Obvious that these famous football Clubs in the World are engaged with massive kit contracts & sponsorship deals, clubs and all these transactions because of the star stud players in the respective Clubs are the dominant reason for the Sale of these Club Jerseys. The jerseys selling of clubs and players are also a factor in determining clubs popularity. So let’s take a look at top clubs who sold the most football Jerseys in the recent season for the ongoing 2016-17 season.

#10. Alexis Sanchezalexis-sanchez

The Arsenal Man has strong Impact over the Gunners fans across the World. Played for clubs like Barcelona and Juventus, the Chile International Alexis Sanchez has proved himself with his capability to score the goals anytime for the team. However, Alexis Sanches of Arsenal was is one of the signings in summer transfer window whose shirt was sold 13% of total premier league shirt sales.

#9. James Rodriguez


James Rodriguez who signed for Real Madrid in the summer of 2014 after the stunning world cup and it is believed that Real Madrid managed to recoup a third of his transfer fee within few weeks through his shirt sales. Rodriguez was the 2014 FIFA World Cup’s Golden Ball winner and thereafter he was signed for the Los Blancos. His signing made 21 percent increase in the Jersey sale of the Spanish Club

#8. Sergio Aguero


The Argentinian International is going with the Attacking duties with the English Premier League Club Manchester City. Aguero has been in and out of the top shirt sellers list but at the start of 2015-16 season, his replica personalized kits sales registered a 60% increase. as he jumps back into the top 10 list. Aguero has always been the First choice striker for the Club.

7. Phillippe Coutinho


The Liverpool livewire in the midfield since the past few years have been the reliable feet of the Young brazil international Coutinho. He let 440% increase in Club’s jersey sales with Coutinho name over the last 12 months has put him in the top 10 shirt sellers list for the very first time in 2016. He has been Liverpool best kit seller in the past two years.

#6. David De Gea


The Man who is considered as the Best EPL goalkeeper is this Spanish youngster who wears the Manchester United Gloves. In last 4 to 5 years, De Gea is the only keeper to have make it in the Top 10 players list with highest shirt sales. Three times United player of the season has made a major impact on United.

#5. Neymar


Neymar who was second in the shirt sale rankings in 2014-15 season surprisingly drifted down, largely down to Premier League players getting more exposure. Adidas and United tried to lure Neymar away with 190 million GBP bid but player rejected the move.

#4.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic


795% increase in shirt sales as a result of his move to Manchester United got former PSG man from 12th place to 4th at the start of 2016-17 season. The increase was helped by the fact him making a superb start with United in August and September. However, October saw a major decrease in shirt sales. Zlatan is the main man who has increased the Merchandise sale of the England-based Premier League Club Manchester United.

#3. Paul Pogba


Manchester United’s new summer signing Paul Pogba absolute dominated shirt sales in the UK and his numbers are only better by Messi and Ronaldo worldwide. According to kitbag statistics, Pogba shirt sales has been constantly increasing since his move to United. Paul Pogba’s Manchester United move has sold the clubs jerseys across the Globe. Pogba’s no. 6 shirt is one of the top selling football players jerseys currently.

#2. Cristiano Ronaldo


The Portuguese international’s craze was sky high since the start of the EURO Cup 2016 competition. Cristiano Ronaldo jump to second in our Jersey selling charts after his personalized replica shirts saw 108% increase after the Euro 2016. In the 2015-16 season, he finished 3rd in overall shirt sales revealed by kitbag. Whether it is a Football season or not people would tend to buy Ronaldo’s No 7 Jersey.

#1. Lionel Messi

Top Selling Football Players & Clubs Jerseys in the World

The Argentinian International, Lionel Messi shirt is the most selling football players jersey worldwide as far as football replica shirt sales are concerned. However, 2016 did saw 20% decrease compared to the 2015-16 season. The Magician Messi is the reason World go mad about. Just the name is enough to sell a Jersey that becomes priceless after Messi’s name is on it.

Top Selling Football Clubs Jerseys in the World

1 Manchester United 2,850,000 (40% increase) Paul Pogba
2 Real Madrid 2,290,000 (32% increase) C.Ronaldo
3 Barcelona 1,980,000 (11% increase) Lionel Messi
4 Chelsea 1,650,000 (39% increase) Eden Hazard
5 Bayern Munich 1,500,000 (40% increase) Robert Lewandowksi
6 Arsenal 1,125,000 (20% increase) Mesut Ozil
7 Juvenuts 850,000 Gonzalo Higuain
8 Liverpool 805,000 Phillipe Coutinho
9 PSG 685,000 Angel Di Maria
10 AC Milan 650,000 Keisuke Honda