UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2017

UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2017-18: UEFA issue the total revenue to the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League in a fixed ratio. Furthermore, for 2016/17 season UEFA Champions League generated around €2.35bn revenue through Advertisement Commercial. However, 12% of this revenue amounted to €282m is allocated to the Administration department. For the next three-year cycle 2015-18, UEFA has announced an increase in the Champions League prize money and the increase is 50% in the “Participation Bonus” which is guaranteed for all 32 teams.

In the previous cycle every team used to get €8.6 million who qualify for the group stages of champions league but from the 2015-16, they increased the money to €12 million for each and every 32 teams. Whereas 8.5% of the amount which is €199.7m allocated for the Uniformity Payments. Besides Administration allocations, 92% of the Revenue is distributed to the participating clubs. The Uefa Champions league Prize Money follows a particular Revenue Model. Let us check out 2016/17 Champions League revenue Allocation. Also See: Premier League Prize Money

UEFA Champions League Prize Money

UEFA Champions League Prize Money Distribution

Market pool:

In Total of €507m will be allocated to every participating clubs since the Group stages. Similarly, Half of the amount is distributed to clubs taking part in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League(Group Stages). The UEFA Champions League Prize Money is generally determined by Club performances on the basis of UEFA national association rankings.

Fixed Club Revenue:

  1. Ever Club who enters the Group stage is Allocated with €12.7m. 
  2. Clubs also get bonus Prize money per win: 1.5m since the Group stage matches.
  3. Round of 16 appearances Clubs earns €6 m
  4. Club appearing for the Quarter-finals is allocated with  €6.5m
  5. Club entering the Semi Final stages gets  €7.5m

UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2017

STAGE Total Fixed Amount: €761.9 million
Playoff Bonus €50 million distributed to 20 teams and €2m each for playoff winners and €3 million each for eliminated clubs.
Participation Bonus €12.7 million for each 32 teams (Group stages)
Performance Bonus  €1.5 million for every win & €500,000 for every draw (Group stages)
Round of 16  €6 million each
Quarter Finals  €6.5 million each
Semifinals  €7.5 million each
Runner Ups €11 million
Final  €15.5 million
Potential Total €54m to €57.2m

Real Madrid won the 2016 Champions League by Defeating Atletico Madrid and cashed in an amount of €94 million from their 2015-16 Champions League victory. Whereas Atletico earned a massive amount of €82 million.

Los Blancos have honored around €40.6 million in market pool money as well as €53.4m on the performance basis

.Atletico Madrid earned €35 million in the market pool as well as a €47m performance-based bonus which amounted €82 million in total for their 2015-16 champions league campaign.


Champions League 2015-16 Prize Money

There is also 50% increase in winning bonus on every group game win which increases from €1 million to €1.5 million. There is also increase on Quarterfinal, semifinal and final prize money. Champions League winning team in 2016 can pocket around €55 million just in prize money and also the “market pool money”.

The total €1.257 billion are divided among Champions League participant and teams who play in Champions League qualifiers but fail to reach group stages.

How much every team earned during 2014-15 Champions League campaign?

FC Barcelona defeated Juventus in the final of Champions League and set to pocket minimum €61m million from their 2014-15 European campaign. Although Juventus Lost but they will make much more than Barcelona.

  • Barcelona got around €24.6 million in market pool money plus €36.4m in performance based money.
  • Juventus earned €58.20 million in the market pool (alone Italian team in the knockouts) plus €30.9m in performance based making a grand total of €89 million.