UEFA Club Rankings 2016: Real Madrid Tops the List

The Club Coefficient Ranking by UEFA has been updated and the Spanish Giants Real Madrid overtakes the German giants Bayern Munich with just Seven Points margin and leads every club from the top of the UEFA ranking. Barcelona drops down for the third spot below Bayern Munich. Chelsea and Atletico Madrid are in Top 5. Benfica has progressed in a 6th spot once again because of their top performance showdown in the Europa League season and Premier League Club Arsenal moved two rankings ahead and made it at the 7th spot. Check out the complete list of UEFA Club Rankings 2016.

Chelsea and Arsenal are the English Clubs in the Top 10 of the UEFA Club Ranking. Paris-Saint-Germain is at the 9th place and Tottenham Hotspurs are on the 24th Rank.


While the English Giants has surprised everyone with their poor performance previous season they have been demoted a massive 10 spots behind their standings, Red Devils are on the 20th Position currently. Manchester City has promoted one spot ahead to the 16th spot and is close by the Swiss Champions FC Basel in 17th spot.

On the18th spot and Triple Europa league winner back to back, Sevilla is the new name in this list and are in the top 20 UEFA ranking for the very first time. Borussia Dortmund has been advanced to the 10th rank they pushed Fc Porto to the 11th Place. Here we present you the Latest UEFA Club ranking.

UEFA Club Coefficient Rankings 2016

Position Club Country Points (2011-12 to 2015-16)
1 Real Madrid Spain 142.814
2 Bayern Munich Germany 135.092
3 Barcelona Spain 132.814
4 Chelsea England 119.756
5 Atletico Madrid Spain 115.814
6 Benfica Portugal 96.783
7 Arsenal England 91.756
8 Juventus Italy 91.054
9 Paris Saint Germain France 90.599
10 Borussia Dortmund Germany 90.092
11 Porto Portugal 83.783
12 Schalke 04 Germany 82.092
13 Valencia Spain 78.814
14 Zenit St. Petersburg Russia 76.076
15 Napoli Italy 75.054
16 Manchester City England 74.756
17 Basel Switzerland 74.695
18 Sevilla Spain 72.314
19 Bayer Leverkusen Germany 72.092
20 Manchester United England 66.756
21 AC Milan Italy 65.054
22 Olympiacos Greece 64.020
23 Shakhtar Donetsk Ukraine 60.176
24 Tottenham Hotspur England 59.756
25 Olympique Lyon France 58.099